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16 days ago
Natalie Diamonds reviewed by A.M.


very nice ! the diamond shine and amazing! my wife felt in love with the ring

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1 month ago reviewed by Kristen L.

"25 year ring update"

MDC updated my wedding ring, taking my diamond and putting it into a more modern white gold halo setting. They were a pleasure to work with. I got exactly what I wanted and was unable to find in local jewelry stores. The halo diamond work is stunning. I would highly recommend MDC!

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1 month ago
Nice Ice reviewed by Bruce R.

"Todd at Nice Ice is a Super Star! You must buy a Diamond with Todd's guidance!"

I bought a Diamond with Todd's help in 2015 and I just sent him an email thanking him for his help in finding a Diamond that gives my wife joy every single day of these past five years. People that see this Diamond on my wife's finger are amazed at its brilliance and sparkle. Todd took the time to work with me to find "the Diamond". And an independent valuation I had done in New York confirmed the Diamond was both amazing and very good value. Todd you are a Super Star in your line of business!

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1 month ago
Lumera Diamonds reviewed by Scott S.

"Amazing value, professional advice. "

Such a great experience. They recommended a diamond that was $2,400 less expensive than the one I was going to purchase, and it is just a visually impressive. Easily added a beautiful setting on the site. Can’t believe it was this easy. Just got back a third party appraisal and the jeweler didn’t believe what I paid for it. It was actually higher than the appraisal Lumera provided.

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1 month ago
Diamond Ideals reviewed by Beth M.

Purchasing my asscher cut diamond was a smooth and positive experience through Laurent at Diamond Ideals. I'm very happy with the outcome.

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1 month ago reviewed by Amy O.


Selected this band and lab created diamond. I wanted something vintage but dainty, and this is everything I could have hoped for! I included a side shot to show the low profile, perfect for those who worry about their ring getting caught on anything. Pictures simply do not do justice to the beauty of this ring and diamond. Specs on the lab created diamond: 0.83ct E VS2. Setting is .32ct diamonds. Little story, this is not my first wedding ring, but the center diamond weight points to our anniversary (August 2003) and total weight comes to 1.15ctw (our son’s birthday is on a 1st and our daughter’s birthday on a 15th). Our experience with James Allen went perfectly - excellent customer service, on-time delivery, and beautiful craftsmanship. And I love that it can be serviced at our local Jared (was one of my concerns with ordering from an online retailer). We couldn't be happier!

**Edited to add that with closer inspection, the center stone is slightly off-center within the setting. I took it Jared and they fixed it within 10 minutes, it was amazing! Maintaining 5-star review.

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1 month ago
Frank Salese, Fine Diamond Specialist Assoc. reviewed by Mike D.

"Best jewelry purchase ever. "

My son decided to get engaged for Christmas this year. On the advice of my best friend, I went to see Massy at Frank Salese, Fine Diamond Specialist Assoc. on Samson Street in Center City Philadelphia. Wow, what an amazing experience it was. Massy was professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. After showing my son all about diamonds and what to look for in a diamond, he showed him some stones. He showed settings as well. There were no pressure tactics, no hard sales pitches. We picked out a beautiful stone and setting for what we thought was a fair price. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience. My advice is simple, shop around, then go see Massy. You won’t be disappointed.

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1 month ago
B2C Jewels reviewed by Tony Y.

"Good Service and good quality"

Thanks for the great experience. I was heisting to purchase a diamond ring online but this experience made me worry free doing business with B2C Jewels. Pascal was very professional. I was frustrated and angry, but Pascal was able to handle my call in a professional manner and solved my issues. My diamond ring exceeded my expectation and looks great. Thanks for the recommendation Pascal. I'm also a returning customer. 1.5 month after my first purchase, I went back to purchase a diamond stud platinum earrings for my wife. If you were first purchase was an engagement and wedding ring.

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1 month ago
I.D. Jewelry, LLC reviewed by Diane R.

"My Gorgeous RG Eternity Wedding Band"

Fabulous experience!
So happy !
Completely satisfied with customer service, knowledge of their work and most importantly the finished product !
My RG eternity wedding band is gorgeous!
My expectation was surpassed, such great quality.
I needed something very sparkly that would compliment my heart shaped engagement ring.
Mission accomplished!
ID Jewelry does not disappoint, this is the place to go whether you go directly to the store or shop online.
Thank you Jonna !


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1 month ago
Fascinating diamonds reviewed by Damian T.

"Incompetent, Untrustworthy Practices, Beware! "

Purchased a wedding set online from the Fascinating webstore back in March of this year. I selected the center stone and payed. What I received was not the stone I selected but rather one they had been trying to get rid of for a number of years as substantiated by the listed discounted price of that stone on the webstore. The color of the stone, cut, symmetry and polish is of lower quality and is within 0.01 the same carat weight. Not happy that I received the incorrect diamond, I contacted Roger to make a complaint. Roger informed me that the stone I had selected was sold prior to me placing my order and his team made the decision to swap the diamond without informing myself or even Roger himself. Roger was assuring me that he would do what it takes to rectify the situation and offered for me to select a new diamond from the webstore and post back the ring to be rectified. I selected the diamond of same carrot weight and matched the color and symmetry to that of my original selected stone which was agreed upon by both parties and then posted the ring back at my cost. Shortly after providing Roger with the tracking number for the postage I received an email from Roger demanding I pay another $500 for the difference in value for the diamond. At no time during the discussions of replacing the diamond was there any mention of needing to pay the difference in his listed value and now only after the ring was already on its way to him did he decide to employ this tactic to extract further money from me. There was no way I would pay another cent for his incompetence and questionable business ethics and requested the ring returned unaltered which resulted me being out of pocket for another $220 for the returned postage and customs clearance and no remorse what so ever from Roger. To make it even worse, I do not even know if the swapped out diamond is even real, there is an identical stone still listed on his webstore under the same GIA certificate as the one i received. This makes me sick to my stomach to realise that the diamond could be a fake. Beware of purchasing from this company!

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1 month ago
Diamonds by Lauren reviewed by Mifi N.

"Perfect Ring"

The emerald ring I bought from diamond by Lauren is so beautiful and dazzling. Also it is so well made. Just a perfect item. I will definitely come back again.

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1 month ago
Blooming Beauty Ring Company reviewed by Grace S.

"Simply the best!!"

Spent countless hours looking for the perfect ring for our special day. Spotted the Blooming Beauty Lotus engagement ring and wedding band and instantly knew she was the one. Checked out several others, but kept coming back to her. Finally, make the commitment and the rest was history. Love it, love it, love it...... +Jeremie Calvin thank you for this gem and your professionalism . Your patience and helpfulness when guiding us through the selection and purchasing process was match only by your exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thank you so much from sunny +Discover Antigua And Barbuda +Antigua Barbuda

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1 month ago
Whiteflash Ideal Diamonds & Fine Jewelry reviewed by Stephen S.

"Second to none service and product!"

I recently purchased an engagement ring which is one of the biggest and most momentous purchases one will make. I was more nervous about the purchase itself than I was about the actual proposal. After hours of research and comparisons to other companies I honed in on Whiteflash to begin the process of finding the ring. Magen Roccaforte was immediately in touch with me and continued to update me throughout the process. I had done my research on the 4 C's but it's still overwhelming to retain all of that information and weed through a massive selection. Magen listened to what it was I needed and pointed me in the right direction, coming up with multiple options that fit my budget. I sent countless emails with questions but Megan was kind and quick with her responses. In the end we found the perfect diamond and setting for a very reasonable price (and I looked around, while we talked, for diamonds with the same specs and never found a better price). I had a tight time schedule but the ring came on time and was even more brilliant and beautiful than I had imagined. I decided on the super ideal 'hearts and arrows' cut which was supposed to have more fire and sparkle and did it ever! My dog goes crazy every time light hits the ring because of all the reflections on the wall. My now fiancée is so thrilled and was speechless when I gave her the ring, and everyone she excitedly shows it too is in awe and more often than not uses expletives to describe it's splendor. So to put it more simply, the entire process from deciding on the ring, finding one in my price range, delivering on time, and the final result, Whiteflash has gone above and beyond in my opinion to provide us with the absolute best service. I would recommend Whiteflash and the super ideal cut to anyone looking to purchase a diamond. They are second to none.

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1 month ago
Union Diamond reviewed by S.A.

"great experience"

Fantastic experience from the beginning to the end. The help and courtesy i received are amazing. Very professional, valid honest opinion that you can trust. it's not a small purchase and can get complicated trying to balance many factors to get the best value for the money in buying diamonds so honesty and good recommendation are critical. I am a returning customer for a reason and how i was treated they retained me as a customer for life. Leah you're great !!! can't thank you enough.

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1 month ago reviewed by Siola A.

"I love it!"

My fiancée so much love the ring. The stone cushion is gorg and ring arrived on time.

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1 month ago
Diamonds On Web reviewed by Nakhle S.

"Great store and great people!"

You will become right away friends with Jim and Layla who will help you, on the phone or by email, through your purchase. I had "zero idea" about diamonds, and now I can easily say I am an expert, thanks to those people! They won't get bored of you, even if you call or email hundreds of time. They completely understand that you are paying a lot, for an important cause, so they make sure you are 100% satisfied before you make your pick. Even after your purchase, they will continue to work with you on resizing, and other needed things. I got the engagement ring and the wedding band from them, my fiance was so impressed, and I am very pleased with my purchase.

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1 month ago
Bonded Buyers

"Refreshingly honest, top paying diamond buyers!!"

All of the staff at this Houston store was very kind, respectful and extremely knowledgeable. I had a very fine 3ct diamond that had been passed down to me and it came to the point where I needed to sell it (I'd no one to give it to and i needed the money). The owners at Bonded Buyers took the time to explain my diamond's quality and showed me exactly how they calculated their offer. I visited several "reputable" diamond buyers in Houston before finding this place but no other offer came close to what bonded buyers paid me and most other places were generally snobbish at best. I got a check on the spot and cashed it the very same day! I would absolutely reccomend them to anyone looking to do the same...thanks for everything guys!!

Steven Mills

River Oaks

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