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3 days ago
Fascinating diamonds reviewed by Natali H.

"Very disappointing"

I placed an order for a ring, after receiving it.. it was not as expected as the stones were thin and small so i requested a return.
I sent the ring back and they received it yet 18 days later and i still dont see my refund.. called them and emailed them, didnt hear back!
Thats not how you keep your customers happy and coming back to you!!

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3 days ago reviewed by Jonathan M.

"Her dreams came true!"

I ordered a Peridot/Diamond engagement ring from DiamondWave for my girlfriend. The customer service was personable and professional and it made it easy for me to hide my secret purchase from my soon to be Fiancé. The ring arrived quickly and the quality was superior! Thank you DiamondWave and I will remember you at anniversary time!

Jonathan and Jess in Vermont

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19 days ago
B2C Jewels reviewed by Terry N.

"Great pair of Pear diamonds!"

Patricia was fantastic to work with. The diamond pair are a perfect match! This is the second time I have purchased from B2C and they have been excellent to work with and Honest!

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19 days ago
Nice Ice reviewed by Dimitri Z.

"Really just the best resource for understanding diamonds"

Yes, all the 5 star reviews on here are totally accurate. A friend referred me to his blog at the start of my engagement ring search and suggested I reach out directly for help as needed. His articles are solid, informative, and thorough, and gave me the foundation I needed to start my search. Once you understand the various concepts, the process becomes much more straight forward (although still tedious). Todd's resources are fantastic for preparing yourself for the search and being confident in your options.

Best part is, Todd really does respond to emails and gives you complete detailed answers. The first diamond I found on Blue Nile that I thought was a good match I sent to him for advice, and he responded with a 15 paragraph essay! He explained the issues with what I selected, with breakdowns of the GIA report, and suggested 5 other stones that were better fits with full reviews. He also sent along other resources so I could understand more detailed aspects of quality. After some adjustment, I was able to find an amazing diamond, Todd gave his approval, and the result was spectacular. He also gave me suggestions on sapphires, which we are including in our design.

Todd, thank you so much for all your emails and detailed advice. I couldn't have done it without your blog and your direct support. Your guidance certainly gave me the confidence I needed to navigate this important purchase and I'm very happy with how things turned out.

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28 days ago reviewed by J.T.

Excellent service. I selected a ring online and immediately had someone call me to go over everything and make sure I selected the correct settings and stone. I also needed by a certain date and received it well before that date. Fast friendly service I reccomend.

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1 month ago
Frank Salese, Fine Diamond Specialist Assoc. reviewed by Jason M.

"Honest and great selection of quality "

Have been going for years. Always excellent service and great selection of quality jewelry/stones. Definitely stop in.

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1 month ago
Blooming Beauty Ring Company reviewed by Luis P.

"Breathtaking Ring"


Is absolutely Amazing! Customer service 5 star and so personalized. The craftsmanship of the ring is breathtaking! The ring is made of superior materials. It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I love the ring. My experience with BBR was top notch!

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1 month ago
Israel Diamonds reviewed by S. M.

"Brad & Israel Diamonds are the best"

Over the years, I have made over a dozen purchases from Israel Diamonds (loose diamonds, gems and jewelry) and each purchase has been more impressive than the last. Brad is the best, and I refuse to deal with any other person or company. His attention to detail is second to none and he has the patience of a saint! Nothing can ruffle his feathers, and there is nothing he cannot do, create or obtain. I won't shop anywhere else.

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1 month ago
Excel Diamonds reviewed by Bonnie gene O.

"Kite Cut"

I have purchased several loose diamonds from Excel over the years and have had a great experience. The stones are reasonably priced and represented as they show. Most recently I purchased a Kite Cut diamond which is very different and just lovely. Barry has been very helpful with coordination and customer service. Thank you.

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1 month ago
Natalie Diamonds reviewed by Ovi C.

"Surprisingly good experience"

Excellent customer service. Product very close to expectations in one aspect( inclusions) but it has met tour expectations in all other aspects.
Very good overall experience

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1 month ago
Diamonds by Lauren reviewed by Abraham W.

"Exceptional Service and impeccable Quality"

Purchased two internally flawless diamonds and each was exactly as described.
Positive and consistent communication from start to finish.
When both were set it was difficult to say which was most beautiful!
The impeccable quality of workmanship is a testimony to the Uber team!
I'ts not every day that you entrust someone with your 43rd Wedding anniversary.
Mr David Friedlander combines honesty with new generation technology...
Quite a winning combination!
In this world of so many different diamond purchasing options I have found my jeweler!

Looking for quality, value and honesty, look no further than Diamonds by Lauren!

Abraham W

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1 month ago
I.D. Jewelry, LLC reviewed by Sean T.

"Perfect Diamonds! Amazing prices. "

Yekutiel is my diamond guru! I have complete faith in his judgement as he has helped my fiance and I achieve complete satisfaction fused with content and utter joy. It has been weeks since she accepted my proposal and we still find ourselves staring, starry-eyed and lost, at the beauty of the diamond we purchased. The amazing deal that Yuketiel has provided us still blows our minds away.

Trust me, we did a lot of homework. (I've watched many YouTube 'How to purchase a Diamond' videos and even considered a trip to Houston. I feel like I could pass a gemologist qualifying exam.)

I.D. Jewelry is by far the best! #1 in value. #1 customer satisfaction. I could not recommend them more highly. I don't write reviews, but I was excited to write this one. Please, if you have any desire to shop for a wedding ring, check them out. You'll be happy that you did. I certainly am.

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1 month ago
Whiteflash Ideal Diamonds & Fine Jewelry reviewed by Stephen S.

"Second to none service and product!"

I recently purchased an engagement ring which is one of the biggest and most momentous purchases one will make. I was more nervous about the purchase itself than I was about the actual proposal. After hours of research and comparisons to other companies I honed in on Whiteflash to begin the process of finding the ring. Magen Roccaforte was immediately in touch with me and continued to update me throughout the process. I had done my research on the 4 C's but it's still overwhelming to retain all of that information and weed through a massive selection. Magen listened to what it was I needed and pointed me in the right direction, coming up with multiple options that fit my budget. I sent countless emails with questions but Megan was kind and quick with her responses. In the end we found the perfect diamond and setting for a very reasonable price (and I looked around, while we talked, for diamonds with the same specs and never found a better price). I had a tight time schedule but the ring came on time and was even more brilliant and beautiful than I had imagined. I decided on the super ideal 'hearts and arrows' cut which was supposed to have more fire and sparkle and did it ever! My dog goes crazy every time light hits the ring because of all the reflections on the wall. My now fiancée is so thrilled and was speechless when I gave her the ring, and everyone she excitedly shows it too is in awe and more often than not uses expletives to describe it's splendor. So to put it more simply, the entire process from deciding on the ring, finding one in my price range, delivering on time, and the final result, Whiteflash has gone above and beyond in my opinion to provide us with the absolute best service. I would recommend Whiteflash and the super ideal cut to anyone looking to purchase a diamond. They are second to none.

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1 month ago
Diamond Ideals reviewed by Brooklyn A.

"Custom engagement ring. Amazing service and Quality Craftsmanship! "

Diamond Ideals was amazing to deal with every step of the way. My fiancé picked out a beautiful engagement ring for me from a well known jewellery chain in Canada. After less than two months we sent the ring to their repair facility and it returned in terrible shape. Unhappy with their service, we got a refund. My brother had purchased a custom engagement ring and wedding bands from Diamond Ideals and praised their service. My fiancé did not like idea of making such a large purchase on something he couldn't see in person. I knew we could trust them since my brother had made a few purchases with them. I emailed them and within a few days I had a reply from Laurent. I sent Laurent some pictures of rings I liked and he got to work putting together the design. He was quick to respond to emails and within 4 weeks time we had the ring designed and delivered! I was very impressed with the quick service, the craftmanship, and the quality of the ring I received. It was everything and more! We took the ring to be appraised at a local jeweller and was appraised at $3000 more than we paid in Canadian funds (even with the terrible current exchange rate). I would recommend Diamond Ideals to anyone looking to purchase the perfect engagement ring!

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1 month ago reviewed by Irwin B.

"Perfect Ending to my diamond HUNT!!"

What a great diamond buying experience, or should I say hunt, and if a hunt, Josh and the folks at Enchanted put me on a trophy, for sure!! I looked at dozens of diamonds before I found the perfect rock for my wife's 30th Anniversary. Josh and Jessette provided over the top customer service. After trying to wait patiently for 3 days, Enchanted received my diamond and immediately got the diamond out to me that evening and well after business hours to boot. I only wish I had let them mount the diamond as well. Need a personal recommendation, contact me at These folks are 110% committed to ensuring your purchase experience is no less than perfect. I could not be more pleased with both the diamond and the value. Enchanted has earned the place of my family jeweller!!

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1 month ago
Adco Diamond reviewed by J.L.

"Awesome customer service and great craftsmanship!"

Adco Diamond was so great to work with. We had a custom-designed engagement ring and had specific dimensions for our center diamond in mind. We were very happy with not only customer service but also the quality of the craftsmanship!

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1 month ago
Diamonds-USA reviewed by Edi P.

"I had the pleasure to buy from you engagement ring"

I had the pleasure to buy from you engagement ring.
I wanted to commend you on the amazing work, and it was the cheapest price I found

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1 month ago reviewed by Luke W.

"150% Satisfied with "

I was fortunate enough to have a very close friend recommend to me when I made the decision to propose. Not know anything about diamonds, I was thrilled with the site's setup. It makes it very easy to understand all that goes into the quality of the diamond. The site offers you 360 views of each diamond, which is such an amazing feature to see the diamond that I would be purchasing. After spending quite a bit of time shopping around on the site, I decided to purchase through Buying such a large purchase online made me nervous at first, but I was very pleased to discover the amount of support the staff at JamesAllen provides. I was able to call during purchasing and their staff walked me through each of the step. We even figured out a proper location to send the ring as my house would not be work since my, now fiancée, lives as well. The staff reaches out to you at every step in the purchasing to ensure your complete satisfaction. I will definitely purchase through them in the future. Now on to the ring. My expectations were blown away when I recieved the ring. The setting was beautiful and the diamond was brilliant. I am 100% satisfied with service and products that JamesAllen and their staff provided.

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1 month ago
Brilliant Earth reviewed by Scott C.

"She is in love with the ring."

The products are of an extremely high quality, the ethics even higher. I did not ever buy a ring for my fiancee until this ring because this was the only place I felt it guaranteed what they advertised, conflict free ethical treatment to obtain the stones. I was able to find exactly what I and she wanted, the business side of the transaction was hassle free, the product was gorgeous and of a high quality, and I am able to relax knowing how it was obtained. I know my dollars helped others in the country it was mined, and I know they live a better life for it. This is why you come to Brilliant Earth, and not any other business. On a personal note- Ask for Macy. She was patient with me, showed me show many options and choices without attempting to sway one way or the other. She listened to what I was looking for, and brought her experience and ideas to make it the perfect combination. My fiancee is in love with the ring, and I could not be happier with the purchase.

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1 month ago
Union Diamond reviewed by S.A.

"great experience"

Fantastic experience from the beginning to the end. The help and courtesy i received are amazing. Very professional, valid honest opinion that you can trust. it's not a small purchase and can get complicated trying to balance many factors to get the best value for the money in buying diamonds so honesty and good recommendation are critical. I am a returning customer for a reason and how i was treated they retained me as a customer for life. Leah you're great !!! can't thank you enough.

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1 month ago reviewed by Siola A.

"I love it!"

My fiancée so much love the ring. The stone cushion is gorg and ring arrived on time.

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1 month ago
DreamStone reviewed by Gabriel S.

"DreamStone provides an outstanding customer service"

After visiting various shops one day I came across DreamStone jewelry, I can tell you I was very impressed by the quality of care I have received upon purchasing an engagement ring. I was quite pleased to find quality and selection of GIA and EGL certified diamonds at the store and I am very grateful for the outstanding service. At DreamStone I was not rushed to make my decision, they were very nice and took a great deal of time to explain everything about diamonds and answering all my questions clearly. If you need to buy diamond jewelry I highly recommend DreamStone jewelry as being one of the best diamond store.

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1 month ago
All My Diamonds, LLC

"AMD Engagement Ring (breathless)."

I just bought an engagement ring from All My Diamonds a few weeks ago. I had a very good idea of what I wanted, so I just wanted to find the best ring I could within my budget. I didn't have a lot of money to work with, so I contacted AMD and asked for their assistance. I was a little nervous that they would try to rip me off, but they did no such thing. They were very happy to help me find a great ring for not too much money. And when I compared the diamond and ring with other online retailers, the price was great for such high quality.

I decided to get a princess cut diamond, with one small round diamond on either side of the center stone. I thought this would be a good way to maximize my budget and get more diamonds. The center stone wasn't huge, only just over half a carat, and the two sides were about a quarter carat each. I was starting to get worried it wouldn't be enough until I saw it in person.

When the ring arrived a week later, and I opened up the box, I was amazed at what I found. All my worries were gone when I saw how beautiful the ring was. The clarity was a high VS1, which they told me would help make the diamond look great and almost flawless, at least to the naked eye. The diamonds looked amazing, and the three of them sparkled so much it made the whole ring just pop! I can't wait to give it to my girlfriend! ---Thank you dearly!

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1 month ago
Bonded Buyers

"Refreshingly honest, top paying diamond buyers!!"

All of the staff at this Houston store was very kind, respectful and extremely knowledgeable. I had a very fine 3ct diamond that had been passed down to me and it came to the point where I needed to sell it (I'd no one to give it to and i needed the money). The owners at Bonded Buyers took the time to explain my diamond's quality and showed me exactly how they calculated their offer. I visited several "reputable" diamond buyers in Houston before finding this place but no other offer came close to what bonded buyers paid me and most other places were generally snobbish at best. I got a check on the spot and cashed it the very same day! I would absolutely reccomend them to anyone looking to do the same...thanks for everything guys!!

Steven Mills

River Oaks

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