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Forum Rules

We welcome consumers as well as jewelry trade members to our community. In order to make our community a constructive & pleasant place, we have put in place a few ground rules.

  1. Your Membership. You are responsible for any and all activity that takes place under your membership. Please safeguard your password to prevent unauthorized use. Further, only one membership per person is allowed.
  2. Prohibited Content. Under no circumstances should any message: 1) Promote violence, illegal activities, or discrimination based on age, disability, nationality, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, 2) Contain images that are sexually explicit, obscene, harmful, or harassing, 3) Contain libelous disparaging or defamatory material, 4) Contain material that, in our own sole opinion, is or can be deemed objectionable, 5) Incorporate materials that infringe upon copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. If you see a message that contains any prohibited content, please report it to us.
  3. Advertising & Promotion. Members are not permitted to post messages that contain blatant advertising or promotion (based on our sole discretion), whether or not related to the jewelry or wedding industry. With regard to this rule, messages posted by members of the jewelry trade will be held to a much higher standard than messages posted by consumers. Only consumers may mention vendors or products in the course of describing a personal experience with said vendors or products. Jewelers may not make such mentions unless asked by a consumer, or if relevant to a request made by a consumer. Members may include links in their postings, just be aware that this site will remove all actual clickable hyperlinks from all postings except those from A-List members. Only consumers may post testimonials, and only on the "Purchase Experiences" Forum. No member may post any link or reference to any other jewelry information-only website.
  4. Self-Identification. Members affiliated with the jewelry industry in any way are required to identify their affiliation as part of any posted message (this can be conveniently added to your personal signature). For example, if you are an employee of XYZ Jewelers, any message you post should state this information clearly. Testimonials by members with hidden associations to any vendors are strictly forbidden.
  5. Signatures, Avatars, & Usernames. Your account comes with the ability to set a Signature (a few lines of text automatically added to every message you post) and an Avatar (a graphic image automatically added to every message you post). The Signature and Avatar may NOT be used for promotion of any business, but only for self-identification. For example, if you are an employee of XYZ Jewelers, an appropriate Signature would be:

    John Doe
    XYZ Jewelers
    Anytown, USA

    The following are not permitted in the Signature: Taglines, logos, formatting methods that can be considered promotional (such as using ALL CAPS, bright colors, or large fonts). Avatars may not contain the name, logo, or tagline of any business.
  6. Relevancy. Please refrain from posting messages that are not relevant to the category/forum in which you are posting. Also, please refrain from posting the same message in more than one category/forum.
  7. Personal Information. Although we don't encourage doing so, you may post your own personal identifying information on our forum (such as your e-mail address or phone number). We will not be responsible for any consequences of posting personal information. Please understand that this is a public forum, accessible worldwide to anyone with an Internet connection and a computer. Under no circumstances may you post anyone else's personal identifying information.
  8. Disputes & "Bashing". Jewelry members are strictly forbidden from "bashing" the practices, services, or goods of others. Disputes between a consumer and a member of the jewelry industry may be discussed in our community, but if you choose to do so, please discuss it politely and factually; under no circumstances should any dispute deteriorate to personal attacks. Disputes that are strictly among members of the jewelry industry are not allowed in the open areas of our community. Jewelers intensely compete for business just like in any other industry. However, when intense competition deteriorates to attacking the practices of other industry members, the industry as a whole begins to deteriorate in the eyes of consumers. When that happens, everyone loses. If you feel you have been attacked, you may state that you feel you have been attacked, but it is expressly forbidden to attack back. "An eye for an eye" does not work here. Instead, please report the incident to us. We will take action against offenders at our discretion.
  9. No Editorial Control. Diamond Review, Inc., is merely a provider of interactive computer services, and as such, we do not exercise active editorial control. Each author is individually and solely responsible for any postings they make. Please post responsibly: If a court were to find that a member's posting contains libelious or defamatory content, he/she could be held legally responsible. Diamond Review, Inc. cannot and will not protect any member against any such claims. Under federal law, because Diamond Review, Inc. does not censor postings or investigate them for accuracy, we are not legally responsible for any such postings, even if it contains libelious or defamatory content, and even if we are advised of the possibility that such posting may contain libelious or defamatory content.
  10. Our discretion and our Terms of Service govern. Your use of Diamond Review is governed by the Terms of Service as disclosed by the "Terms of Service" link found near the bottom of every page on the Diamond Review website. In case of conflict between these Forum Rules and the Terms of Service, the latter controls. Lastly, although we try to act reasonably, please understand that in order to maintain a fun and helpful community, we may at any time at our sole discretion exercise our right to delete any posting or any member we think is disruptive, objectionable, or even annoying.

Enjoy the forum! If at any time you have questions or comments about the Forum Rules, just Contact Us.

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