Diamond Review is a web-based community for diamond jewelry enthusiasts, first-time buyers, and members of the jewelry trade. We are here to assist you with your important diamond jewelry purchase, and to provide a forum for discussion and sharing. We DO NOT sell diamonds or jewelry ourselves, and we're not owned or controlled by any jeweler or retailer.

We've been around since 1999. In fact, we're one of the very first diamond information sites! Our mission: Make it easy and fun to buy quality diamond jewelry, by educating consumers.

To get you started quickly, we've grouped our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) into three groups:

1. Buying diamond jewelry for the first time

2. Participating in the Diamond Review Forum

3. Learning more about Diamond Review

Comparison shopping: How do I browse through many different diamonds from many different jewelers?

Diamond Review's "DiamondFinder" makes it easy to comparison-shop. Choose among many diamonds from many different vendors! Our unique search tool lets you simultaneously search and compare the diamond inventories of many different jewelers. We update our database daily. Try out DiamondFinder »

I'm thinking about buying a particular diamond. Is it of high quality? Am I getting a good deal?

Maybe. Best way to find out is to post the details on the Diamond Review Forum, and let our expert members offer their thoughts. There are some top rate diamond experts who lurk here and they love to help. All advice is completely free and comes with no obligation whatsoever.

Our experts are very detail-oriented. In order to give you the best advice, they need every little detail. Here are a few guidelines for crafting the perfect post:

The above advice came directly from one of our A-List experts. Here's his original posting. To post a question and participate, you'll need to create an account, which takes 1 minute, it's free, and we don't spam.

Ready to ask about your diamond(s)? Go to the Diamond Review Forum »

I have a question that I think is fairly common. Where should I look for an answer?

Diamond Review has been around since 1999. We've heard it all, and it's highly likely that most diamond-related questions, issues, and topics have been discussed on the forum at one time or another.

To save yourself time, here are the best ways to try to find commonly asked questions:

Of course, if you can't find an answer to your question, or if you feel your question has not been addressed in sufficient detail, by all means post it on the forum and participate. Which leads us to...

I have some other question. How do I start a good discussion with the diamond/jewelry experts on this site?

Just post it. If it's already been answered, someone will probably just point you to the right place for an answer. You'll need to create an account, but doing so takes 1 minute, it's free, and we don't spam. Go to the Diamond Review Forum »

This site was an invaluable tool in my purchase. What can I do to "give back" to the Diamond Review community?

First of all, we're glad we could help. That's why we're here! If you found Diamond Review to be helpful and want to "give back", here are a few things you can do:

What is the Diamond Review Forum? How do I post questions and participate?

The Diamond Review Forum is a worldwide community of diamond jewelry enthusiasts, first-time buyers, and members of the jewelry trade, all mixed together. For any first-time buyer, participating in the Forum and interacting with other members is probably the single best way to learn about the fascinating and beautiful world of diamonds.

In order to participate, you'll need to create an account. Setting up an account takes 1 minute, it's free, and we don't spam. You can also create a Diamond Review account by using your Facebook account, in which case the process takes about 10 seconds, it's still free, and we still don't spam. Go to the Diamond Review Forum »

What are the rules, guidelines, and etiquette for participating in the Forum? How is the Forum moderated?

The #1 rule & guideline: Be Nice!. Be polite to other members, be humble when you ask questions or ask for advice, say thank you, don't attack other members, don't have a hidden agenda, don't post obscene or prohibited content, and so forth.

The Diamond Review Forum has a set of Forum Rules. To read it, just go to the Forum and you'll find a link near the top. It's always there for you, in case you need to refer to it.

Our style of moderating the site is very "hands off". We want the Forum to be a free and open space, and we purposely avoid participating in diamond & jewelry discussions because we don't want the moderator's presence to influence an otherwise open discussion. HOWEVER... if we feel someone is abusing the site or other members, we do usually take swift action. If you feel any member is not being nice, please report it to us... there's a "Report" link at the bottom of each post throughout the Forum, and that's by far the best way to let us know of any potential issues.

What is "A-List"? How do I get on the A-List, and what are the benefits?

The Diamond Review "A-List" is the core of our community. The people on the A-List are personally known to the Diamond Review staff (or personally known to another A-List member, see below). Think of "A-List" as being "friends of Diamond Review". A-List'ers offer the best credibility, advice, and experience available on this site (and probably anywhere!). A-List'ers are clearly identified on the Forum by the highly coveted A-List badge underneath their names.

There are 3 different types of A-List'ers: A-List Jewelers, A-List Appraisers, and A-List Members. The designation is useful because it further breaks down the member's role in the jewelry trade (if any). Anyone (that is cool enough :-) ) can be on the A-List, but we won't knowingly allow a jeweler to be an "A-List Member", for example.

Of course, being on the A-List comes with benefits, including:

Joining A-List is simple, but it's not for everyone. Generally speaking, A-List is for members of our community with a strong and ongoing passion for diamonds and jewelry. Here's how to join:

  1. Complete your profile. Include a photo, your interests, and so forth
  2. Participate for awhile as a regular member. Demonstrate your passion through your postings!
  3. Once you feel you're ready, get nominated by another A-List'er. Send them a Private Message and ask nicely. Alternatively, click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the site and introduce yourself personally to our staff.

What else can I do on Diamond Review?

Aside from discussing, researching, and learning about diamonds, here are a few other useful features:

I'm a jeweler, appraiser, or member of the jewelry trade. What should I know about Diamond Review?

We have a special page just for you. Visit "Info for Jewelers" »

Why no banner ads?

We don't accept banner ads. We think they tend to clutter up your screen, particularly if you're using your mobile. Instead, we offer a variety of other less-intrusive ways for jewelers to promote themselves (see Info for Jewelers for details) that we believe are more useful to and welcomed by consumers, and ultimately yield better results for jewelers.

How does Diamond Review make money?

We are completely free to consumers. We do charge various fees to jewelers for various services (see Info for Jewelers for more details), and in some cases we also join "affiliate programs" or other revenue-sharing programs offered by various jewelers or other third parties.

Who runs Diamond Review? How can I contact you?

The site is professionally run by Diamond Review, Inc. Our mission is to help consumers and merchants find each other by providing an open, transparent, information-intensive community. We're headquartered in Seattle, WA. We've been doing this since 1999.

Diamond Review is an independent venue for consumers and retailers. We are not owned or controlled by any jeweler or retailer, and we do not sell diamonds or jewelry ourselves.

If you'd like to contact us with suggestions or questions, or just want to say hello, feel free to do so by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right of the site.