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About Diamond Finder

Diamond Finder is our free, easy-to-use tool that allows consumers to simultaneously search and compare the diamond inventories of many different jewelers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Flr', 'Sym', and so on?

Below is a brief description of each listed characteristic of each diamond. Where available, click on the hyperlink for a detailed tutorial.

Is Diamond Review really a front for someone trying to sell me jewelry?

Diamond Review, including the Diamond Finder multi-vendor diamond shopping tool, is completely independent. We are not owned or controlled by any jeweler or retailer, and we do not sell diamonds or jewelry ourselves. The diamond listings are provided to us by jewelers directly from their computerized inventory systems. Any transaction you enter into with a jeweler is strictly between you & the jeweler; we are not involved (see our Terms of Service for details).

What is an "Exclusive Collection"?

Certain jewelers maintain their own private collection of hand-selected, exceptionally-high-quality diamonds. Our patented search tool allows you to quickly search through these collections to find your perfect diamond.

Why is the Cut rating missing from so many diamonds?

As a matter of policy, we ask jewelers to only display Cut ratings as displayed by the major grading labs. Since standardized cut ratings are a relatively new event in the diamond industry, and there is still quite a bit of activity and changes happening, Diamond Review has taken the conservative approach of displaying Cut ratings only in circumstances where we believe the industry standard has fully stabilized. Therefore, we only display Cut ratings for Round stones, and only when those ratings come from GIA and AGS. Cut ratings for other shapes, and from other labs, do exist, and Diamond Review recommends you work directly with the jeweler of your choice to make sense of the differences.

XYZ jeweler did not have a diamond that was listed in Diamond Finder, or did not honor the price. What should I do?

Diamonds move fairly quickly, and will sometimes be sold before the jeweler has an opportunity to update their inventory. However, if you encounter this issue, please contact us and provide us with all the relevant information. At our discretion, we may investigate and possibly remove any jeweler who repeatedly refuses to honor prices listed on Diamond Review. Most jewelers update their listings on a daily or weekly basis.

Why is the same diamond listed by multiple jewelers for different prices?

In some cases, diamonds offered for sale to the public by a given jeweler may actually be stones that are listed on worldwide Jewelry Trade networks. Sometimes, multiple jewelers will use the same network, and will choose to "carry" the same stone (although the stone is not physically in their possession).

How does Diamond Review makes money from Diamond Finder?

We charge fees to jewelers for posting diamonds in Diamond Finder, and in some rare cases, we also join "affiliate programs" or other revenue-sharing programs offered by various jewelers or other third parties.

I'm a jeweler. How do I list my inventory on Diamond Finder?

Please visit Info for Jewelers for details.