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Yellow Diamond With Strong Fluorescence

Katarina Nagyova

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No way of telling. It doesn't sound like a stupid price - in fact it sounds cheap - but you haven't posted (and possibly haven't got) nearly enough information to even guess whether it's "reasonable". For example:


1. Who graded the stone "FLY" and "VS2"?

2. What is the exact weight? 9.99 is different from 10.01 and the price will be significantly different.

3. Who is selling it? Tiffany (or equivalent) or Joe Schmoe's Internet Diamonds Store (or equivalent)?

4. Has it been treated or enhanced in any way?

5. Does the strong blue fluorescence affect the transparency in some circumstances? (It WILL affect the colour, and the stone WILL be discounted because of that)

6. Any issue with clarity? A 10 ct VS2 may well have inclusions that are relatively easily visible.

7. How well is it cut?

8. How good is the colour? FLY goes from just above Y-Z to nearly FY - that's a big range (broader than O-P to Y-Z, for example) and it will impact price, as will any secondary hue (even if not reported).


Note that apart from 1., 2. and 3. (and possibly 4. if the stone comes with a good lab report - but even then...) all the other points above require direct viewing of the stone, and some (7. and 8. in particular) require some expertise when viewing it.


Unless you implicitly trust the merchant (but if that's the case, why post here?), hire your own expert and make sure he/she can see the stone; there is only so much that can be diagnosed remotely.


EDITED to clarify points.

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Thank you very much for your really comprehensive reply. The stone is 10.03ct, has GIA certificate (I actually made a mistake and it's VS1), wasn't treated at all and I got it offered from a wholesaler. 


I haven't seen it physically yet, only on the picture, but I couldn't see any transparency issues at all.. I'll check it out personally with an expert.

Thank you very much again!!! 

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Note that any transparency issues due to the fluorescence will only be apparent in a UV-rich environment... which in practice means direct sunlight. Make sure you (or your expert) can see the stone in unfiltered sunlight (i.e. not through a window).


Good luck, and let us know how things develop.

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