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Selling A Vintage Diamond Ring

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Ebay is not a bad place to sell, you have good feedback and placing an ad here - as you have in effect done - is free and does no harm.
My only suggestions would be:
1. Crop the photos mercilessly until you have a good view of the ring; at the moment it's a little difficult to make up what the ring looks like, and the background occupies 70% of the photo's pixels. Make sure focus is sharp.
2. Unless you want to show the box, don't take photos (particularly of a sapphire) against a black background or with the box. The relatively neutral background you have in the photo above is (in my opinion) significantly better.
3. Consider the price. Your valuation is for "new replacement value", which usually means it's way higher than anyone (including your potential buyers) would pay in reality... and you are pricing at 70% of that, when a "new" piece includes 20% VAT...
4. If you want the buyers to rely on your "certificate" and valuation, you MUST let them know who has issued them (and why they should trust that opinion). Otherwise they are just pieces of paper that you may well have produced yourself.

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Thank You for your valuable feedback.


I will follow your advice. 


Well it was bought for £800 and valued for £900, so I should sell it for £630. Now I am selling it for £650 and Ebay is listing 65 000 rings at the moment. I am not sure if price will solve the problem of selling on Ebay. 

Have a nice evening,



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Bear in mind that what you paid has nothing to do with what your buyer will want to pay.  As Davide mentioned, the price given by your valuer has very little to do with it either.  People go to ebay because they're looking for deals.  You can get a feel for what you're going up against by doing a bit of shopping yourself.  It's free, relatively easy, and it's what your buyers are doing.  You're right, it's highly competitive.  It comes down to how attractive the piece looks in the ad, the 'feel' of the seller, which is things like the terms and conditions, feedback, and the price.  It helps to include all of the buzzwords that people are likely to search for.  I would normally call that a sapphire ring, not a diamond ring, for example, even though it also contains diamonds, 

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Unfortunately eBay today is a "giveaway" marketplace and nothing about eBay is free for the seller. In regards to Davide's initial comments: 1-4 (I second all of them). eBay is an excellent tool if used correctly. Otherwise well....If you sell (you know)! :(

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My biggest peeve right now is the art market. Actually all markets. Everything seems to sell for nothing, pennies, peanuts, bupkis. Compared to the thriving times of circa 2004.
As a buyer its good pickings, if you’re smart, savvy, and quick on your feet.
Anyway I have a (love/hate) relationship with eBay I love the strong diversity, deals, interface, ease of use and pay, returns, buyer protection, knowledge, real time data, transparency, basically everything....except selling.
Selling currently sucks, and does not seem to “pay†or get better…
Unless you use it to promote your name, likeness, or business. In addition to holding your price (fixed price). It’s a waste of time and money. Sellers who must “move merchandise†give their s*** away, it’s that simple.  

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