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Help In Picking One Out Of These Four Diamonds


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1)  1.73 F VS2 RD post-135017-0-62458100-1432327790.png

2)  1.66 D VS2 RD  post-135017-0-34394600-1432327790.png

3) 1.61 F VVS2 RD post-135017-0-04517900-1432327790.jpg


I personally like 1) the most, but I don't know how will the inclusions affect the diamonds.  I am afraid that the cloud will affect the light coming out of the stone, but the sales promised me that all inclusions will not be visible by naked eyes. 

2) is my second favorite, I like the color. But the dots worries me. The sales also guarantees me that the dots will not be visible. 


Thanks for your help. 


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We've got nothing to go on and the fact of the missing information tells more than what you've provided. If that's because of the dealer, I'd be worried about all 3 of them. If that's coming from you, what we need is:


1) Who graded the stones?

2) Assuming it's GIA or AGS, what are the report numbers? If not, why not?

3) Anything you know about the cutting.

4) Prices.

5) The criteria you used to narrow it down to these. There are literally thousands in between. Why these particular three?


Have you seen any/all of these?

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That's hardly 'any' information to make a selection. What you posted up there were inclusion plots. What you really require to make a decision remotely: Digital shots and Certificate, there's more to diamonds than just clarity, cut being very important of these. If your vendor can give you ASET images to judge light performance and Hearts image to judge symmetry then it's a plus (and for some it's a given). 

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