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Need Help For Best Value!

Shulina OY

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Dear all,

I've narrowed down to these. Please help me to rank them according to:
1) best value for its price
2) show better brilliance, fire and scintillation

1. G Colour 0.7 Diamond VS1 ($3090)

2. G Colour 0.7 Diamond VVS1 ($3080) 
*medium blue fluorescence - will it be cloudy/milky in the sun? Idealscope/ASET images look weird to me. There is internal graining. Should I be concerned?

3. H Colour 0.72 Diamond VVS2 ($2840)
*medium blue fluorescence - will it be cloudy/milky in the sun? One of the arrows is also missing in the Idealscope.

4. H colour 0.83 Diamond SI1 ($3300)
*not sure if I'll be able to see the inclusions?

5. F colour 0.72 Diamond VS2 ($3240)

All have a HCA below 2.0 and the idealscopes image looks pretty decent to me except No. 2 which looks funky (i.e no glaring white patches). However I am not too sure how to analyse the ASET images. I am able to see a slight glint of yellow in H but not in G even without having to compare it to other diamonds. Not sure if I'm just sharp or fussy on this.

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Best value for price is a subjective call. Same goes for the balance of brightness, fire and sparkle: I like old (style) stones precisely because they favour fire against brightness; Garry Holloway does the opposite, and neither of the two of us is right (or wrong).


Medium blue fluorescence will not cause any issues with haziness.


Internal graining in a VVS1 is by definition going to be extremely difficult to see with 10x magnification.

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