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Need Help Finding A Cushion Cut

David South

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Hi everybody, I'm in search of a nice eye clean cushion cut diamond and am having quite a bit of trouble figuring out what I'm really looking at and how to sift through the good from the bad. I was hoping I could get some help on this forum.

I'm looking for a .74-.85 carat stone...G-H color and clarity between SI1-VS1. My budget is 2800. The setting I like is on James Allen's site so I'd like to find something from them so I can have the stone set at the same time.



Is the setting I like if that matters. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Your rough requirements produce 8 stones.




One of the features of JA is that the pictures are pretty good and one of the things about cushions is that they vary quite a bit in terms of the general outline. I would start there. Are any of those 8 to your liking in terms of shape? Any you DON'T like?


By the way, the ring in the picture is a round, not a cushion. You probably can set a cushion in that same ring if the size is right but be careful not to get to long and skinny with your stone or it isn't going to fit right in the halo. For example, I would avoid this one for that reason:



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