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I Need Help!!!! Please


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I am petrified.  I am about to drop a good portion of my lifes saving on a diamond ring for the love of my life.  I am scared to death that I am getting swindled; I don't mind dropping the money, i just want to make sure that I am not getting ripped off.


Here are the specs of what I have a "deal in principal" for:


2.10 Karat Cushion Cut (modified Brilliant), J in color, SI1 clarity, dimensions of 7.76x6.76x4.65 GIA certified


This stone is set in a micropave platinum setting which is a "tiffany novo" style ring.


The price agreed upon is $13,500.



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Take a deep breath. You're doing fine.


There's nothing about those specs that raises an alarm.


Here's comps for unset cushion GIA/2.1-2.2/J/SI1. The range is pretty big but $9-11k is about average for the center stone only from some fairly aggressive dealers.




Rings vary a lot depending on who made them and who's selling them. Those go anywhere from $1000- $2000 at most places. Tiffany want's double that because, well, they're Tiffany and you're not.


You didn't mention if you're shopping locally but sale taxes account for $500-1000 depending on your rate.


Add all of that up and you're about right for an aggressive dealer. You're probably not at the rock bottom but there are quite a few variables that we don't know. No, it's not a ripoff. Have you seen it? Do you love it? Have you compared it to others?

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