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Hello, Can Someone Help Me With A Ballpark On What This Is?

Joshua O'Connor

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     I recently Received a Ring of appreciation from the mayor of my city (6 others also got the sameish rings).. I am to afraid to tell him id like to sell it and or ask where/how he bought it... the price tag states the ring is $21,500. Its 24k white gold im guessing because its not gold... and silver cant be 24k? it has 12k diamonds and a 13+K ruby in the middle... i am in need of money.. i would like to get asmuch as i possibly can for this.. it would help me a great deal.

Also ( he buys from private dealers im pretty sure the guys got like a billion dollars....)

please help :D



a image of the ring:



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Price tags mean nothing. Zip. Nada.


White gold doesn't come in 24k.


Call his honor the mayor and ask him where he got it. Then call them and ask them if you can sell it back to them. By all means feel free to tell him you would rather have the cash. Honesty is a remarkably effective technique for this sort of thing. He knows.


Don't expect a lot. Resale values on this sort of thing are usually pretty low, possibly zero. It's going to depend on what those materials REALLY are. You can get it appraised but it'll annoy you greatly if it turns out to be worth less than the cost of the appraisal and a conversation with the original seller may answer your questions for free.

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