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Looking To Get Your Thoughts On My Purchase


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So after a few months of educating my self on diamonds mostly with the help of the board members here i finally bought a stone.

I like to know what you guys think and i also like to know if you can shed some light as to why the GIA report is so old.

Most diamonds i been looking at have GIA reports from 2014 or 2015.


Purchase price was $5900 and here is the report # 2141196821.


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Assuming you're talking about a store, the usual reason for a 2011 report would be that it's been sold before and came back as a trade in of some sort.


Here's the link if anyone else wants to comment on it.



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Looks good (very good!) on paper. Presumably you think it looks good in reality too.


As to why it stuck around, I don't know. I can hazard a couple of guesses: 1) J/VS1 is not a popular combination; 2) you bought from someone that buys for his own stock, and it just sat at the back of the safe for a few years; 3) it has been traded in; 4) there is some issue with the stone.

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Thanks for the quick reply guys. Vendor has not sent me the diamond yet. Should i ask them to get an up to date GIA report? Would that help to make sure the diamond is not damaged?

Yes, it would, but it would add a fair amount of time and/or cost (and the vendor may not be too happy with either).


David the vendor assured me the diamond was 100% eye clean.

There was never any doubt of that.


Have you asked the vendor why the report is 3+ years old? What's their answer?

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