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She Likes It But....


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Hi all. Whilst shopping for a watch for myself my girlfriend mentioned a ring she liked. She doesn't know I'm going to ask the question soon so I went back on my own for more details on the diamond. Its within my budget but I'm thinking I might be better getting a similar one made with a better diamond.


It's a princess cut diamond ring with small shoulder stones down each side.


The grading says the following...


4.57 x 3.72 x 3.42mm

Rectangular modified brilliant




Polish/Finish both good

Clarity Crystal/Indented Natural

59% table width


Very thick to extremely thick


What are your thoughts on the diamond itself? Obviously if she likes it maybe I should just get it for her.

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'Better' includes a large component of taste but you're missing some critical information. Specifically:


Who graded it?


Beyond that, there's not much to say. A 91.9% depth is way out of the normal range, even for a rectangular stone and it's not a good sign for the cutting.

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