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Advice For 3 Diamonds

Shulina OY

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Dear all,


I am deciding between these three diamonds. I am particular about colour and clarity which is why I have chosen G and VS1 respectively. In addition, I would like something that is very brilliant and preferably fiery.  All three have a HCA below 2. Which do you think is the most worth its price?





Thank you for your help!



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All 3 are well cut and seem nice; I don't think you'd see major differences in terms of brightness or fire, but if I really had to pick one I'd take #312132.


Since you (or someone else) has reserved them with JA, the prices do not show, so I cannot comment on value for money, but I'd expect them all to be pretty close: there is a premium for achieving 0.70 carats, just like there is a premium for VVS2.

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Diamonds are sold by weight, sort of like fish or concrete.  A stone, for example, will cost $6,000/carat which means that the actual price is $6000 times the weight for a net price of $3755 (for example).  It's sort of an odd way to do it but it's traditional in the business.  Prices PER CARAT go up with size so an otherwise similar 2 carater is worth more than twice as much as a 1 carater.  Sometimes it's quite a bit more by the way.  Everyone knows this but there's one more key.  This increase isn't a straight line.  It goes up in jumps.  Just as you would expect, there's a jump at 1.00, another one at 2.00 and so on but one that surprises people is that there's one at 0.70.  That's why your first one is so much cheaper than the other two.  The difference between a 0.69 and a 0.70 is many times more than the difference between an 0.70 and a 0.71.

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The stones you have selected all look like nice stones.  My question to you would be more about what you think is most important in your selection.  All three stones are super clean, but if you drop just one clarity grade to VS2, you will still have a stone that is clean to the naked eye and you could then consider a slightly larger stone in the 0.8 carat range.  Here is a search narrowing the parameters to weed out the poorer stones: http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds/?sortOrder=carat&sortDesc=0&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=0.80&fCaratHi=0.88&fColorLo=G&fColorHi=G&fClarityLo=VS2&fClarityHi=VS2&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=60.1&fDepthHi=62.4&fTableLo=53.2&fTableHi=58.7&fSymLo=ideal&fSymHi=exc&fPolLo=ideal&fPolHi=exc&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=none&fFlrHi=none&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000&fLabGIA=1&adv=1

If it were my money, I would consider going a little larger as long as i was not sacrificing the look.


I hope this helps.

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for your help! I received the idealscope images for http://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/0.67-carat-g-color-vvs2-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-480441 (the 0.67 carat diamond and its not bad!)


I've narrowed down to two. Which is a better purchase for its price? I think it would be that 0.67 carat diamond. 



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We are not able to buy the James Allen diamond due to the shipping dates and they are really extremely unflexible about it! :(

Instead, I have this new list of 6 from Enchanted diamonds. Bad news is, there are no idealscope or ASET images.

Stock # R72-EE3PRP - https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R72-EE3PRP ($2650)

Stock # R75-FT452H - https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R75-FT452H ($3040)

Stock # R72-5MYPK2 - https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R72-5MYPK2 ($2800)

Stock # R76-HXTGBY - https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R76-HXTGBY ($2860)

Stock # R80-QACPU5 - https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R80-QACPU5 ($3190)


Stock #R70-GWQ4N6 (ASET/idealscope available. Looks great except that it has a slight culet and "very good" polish, not sure how these affect the brilliance/fire/scintillation of the diamond) - https://enchanteddiamonds.com/diamonds/view/R70-GWQ4N6 ($2520)


They recommended Stock # R76-HXTGBY. My concern would be the clarity. However I hope to get a second opinion.
In addition, how do all these also fare against the diamond above (with the idealscope image)?

I am really hoping to find a brilliant diamond, with fire and scintillation.

Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience.

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