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Help Decide On 3 Gemesis Pink Diamonds


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Hi everyone, 

This is my first post in this forum so please let me know if I do something wrong. I 've been reading a lot here about Lab-Grown diamond and love the idea of getting those. Gemesis and D.NEA are seem the two company heavily recommended here for those diamonds. My lady wants a halo setting ring w a center round pink diamond 1 carat and bigger. We were window shopping in NYC 5th ave include DeBeers, Cartier, and Tiffany and those engagement rings with pink center diamond around 50 to 150K. She love it.

Anyways I found 3 diamond with price range and size we want from Gemesis. All the rocks are around 8000 to 8500. Could you give me the pros and cons of these rocks so i can make my informed decision. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me.

Additionally, we like some of the setting on Gemesis but it's very difficult to shop online for those things due to limited pictures and real life feeling. What is your though of Gemesis rings or setting? Do you any recommendation for local jewelers in Seattle and Portland area that will set these rock.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.




Color   FANCY VIVID PINK Clarity   SI2 Cut   VERY GOOD Polish   GOOD Symmetry   GOOD Fluorescence   STRONG Girdle   THIN TO MEDIUM FACETED Culet   NONE Table %   56.000 Depth %   61.900 Price per Carat   6624 Certificate Number   LG10152908 Days Until Shipped   4 business days Weight   1.21 Measurements   6.75X6.86X4.21       1.10-CARAT ROUND VVS2 FANCY INTENSE PINK ADVANCED DETAILS
Shape   Round Color   FANCY INTENSE PINK Clarity   VVS2 Cut   EXCELLENT Polish   EXCELLENT Symmetry   VERY GOOD Fluorescence   NONE Girdle   THIN TO MEDIUM Culet   NONE Table %   56.500 Depth %   63.300 Price per Carat   7418 Certificate Number   LG10140002 Days Until Shipped   4 business days Weight   1.10 Measurements   6.57X6.59X4.16         1.17-CARAT ROUND VVS2 FANCY INTENSE PINK ADVANCED DETAILS
Shape   Round Color   FANCY INTENSE PINK Clarity   VVS2 Cut   VERY GOOD Polish   VERY GOOD Symmetry   EXCELLENT Fluorescence   NONE Girdle   MEDIUM TO SLIGHTLY THICK FACETED Culet   NONE Table %   61.000 Depth %   57.500 Price per Carat   7273 Certificate Number   LG10165002 Days Until Shipped   4 business days Weight   1.17 Measurements   6.91X6.94X3.98





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Pretty much any jeweler can make that ring but with a qualifier.  Pink melee, those are the little side stones on the band and around the center, are actually a problem.  What you'll find is nowhere near as pink as what you see in those pictures and the growers don't make them.  They're using mined stones.   You can get color treated stones that show a fairly deep saturation but puregrown (the new name for gemesis) don't seem to sell them.   


Most jewelers don't sell synthetics but it doesn't hurt to ask.  Puregrown does a wholesale business as well so if they want to do it, I think they can get any stone available on the site and even get a token commission.  Ask.  Alternatively, it's fairly common that you can buy the stone yourself and have the jeweler build the ring.


Here's the link to the ring if anyone else wants to comment.



In terms of the diamonds there's not much to tell you. Personally I would pick the lighter shades, which means the intense instead of the vivid, simply because I like the look better.  That's a taste issue.  Since size seems to be one of your hot buttons, I'd move to the 1.17. 

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Thank you for your help, denverappraiser. 

The link is just for reference. We don't have to have that exact look. We are ok with colorless side stones and white setting.



In term of these two diamonds, do you think they are decent for the price?

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It's sort of a tricky question.  As far as I can tell, they're the ONLY ones who have a 1.0-1.25ct fancy intense pink round in stock, and they've only got 5 of them.  All are comparable in price with bumps for the usual things (size and clarity).  You've narrowed yourself into a sort of small box but within that box, they're priced just like everything else. 

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So you think the two diamonds are almost identical other than size. What do you think of their differences regarding table and depth, cut? Everyone here seem to like GIA what is your thought of IGI? Would you recommend to buy the stone first then look at it with my own eyes or just have it set with Gemesis. Sorry with the silly question I'm newbie to this. This would be my first time to buy diamond.

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I'm not Neil, but I'll try to answer this one...


1) I don't think they are identical (and FWIW, I don't believe Neil thinks that either). But the data you have posted above (or anything else available on the puregrown site) is totally insufficient to point at one or the other as better (or even different: same colour, same clarity, same cut grade - only things that are certain are that one is slightly heavier and is facing up slightly larger, and that they have significantly different cut proportions from each other).


2) I would not trust an IGI report for a D-Z diamond to be correct on anything other than species identification, weight and dimensions. On a natural origin, natural coloured diamond my instinct would say that the seller has something to hide if they don't have a GIA or Gübelin report, unless the stone is so low-priced that the cost of the report would be a significant burden on the seller (the cost for a GIA coloured diamond report starts at ~$150).


However, we are not dealing with a D-Z or a natural colour diamond (or with a natural diamond at all), GIA is distinctly snooty when dealing with treated and/or synthetic diamonds, and for synthetics and colour treated diamonds the differences in price between (say) a Fancy Intense and a Fancy Vivid are significantly smaller than they would be for natural stones. The big drivers of price for synthetic, treated diamonds are weight/size and aesthetic appeal. The former is as correctly assessed on an IGI report as it is on a GIA one, and the latter is not assessed on either.


3) Cut grade: it would matter if it were reliable. GIA and AGS have always upheld that rules developed for evaluating cut in colourless/near colourless diamonds cannot be applied to coloured diamonds, and that given the impact that getting a nice colour out of the stone has on its (commercial and aesthetic) desirability, it is not possible to develop a meaningful cut grading system for coloured diamonds.


IGI seems to think otherwise; considering that their "cut grading" scale for colourless is - as far as I can tell - not transparent (i.e. they haven't published what criteria they base it on or any research on which they have founded it) and it is regarded as not reliable by the industry, I would simply ignore anything they say on the cut of a coloured diamond.


This said, it is quite apparent, even from the basic proportions data on the reports and the single photo (also on the report), that the two diamonds will look quite different from each other; FWIW, based on the single photo (taken God only knows under what conditions), I vote for the 1.17 despite its relatively unusual cut proportions. Which one you or your to-be-fiancée would prefer is something only you (or she) can answer.


4) Which brings us rather neatly to your last question: should you see the stone unset? Yes, I would, particularly since you seem to be able to travel to New York: Pure Grown have a showroom in the Diamond District (http://www.puregrowndiamonds.com/about/address/), and I'm sure that if you asked them about these stones (and possibly others, similarly graded and priced), they'd be able to arrange a viewing for you where you could pick the one you like most. If you cannot get to Manhattan again, then ask them for at least a few comparison images and side-by-side video; it won't be quite as good as holding the stones to your eye, but at least (if they are honest with the image taking) it will alert you to significant differences in colour and appearance.

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No, I didn't say they are the same.  I said we don't have anything of substance to go from.  Color is what's driving the bus here and all we've got is a broad range of 'fancy intense pinik'.  Mind you, even if we knew the exact colors we couldn't really answer your question.  One shade of pink is not 'better' than another even though it's likely that you might prefer one.


GIA/IGI.  I'm not a big fan of IGI either although for synthetics they're just fine.  Realistically, it doesn't matter what I or even you prefer in terms of lab branding.  The specs you're working from are 1.00-1.25ct round brilliant cut fancy intense or vivid pink synthetic diamond, right?  As far as I can tell there are exactly 5 of those currently for sale in the whole world.  Every one is IGI graded.  GIA isn't a choice.  All 5 are at the same store, and that's where you're shopping.  It's hard to predict what next week will bring and maybe someone else will make one but, for now, as long as those are the specs the question is basically answered.  Buy from puregrown or take a hike.


Cut grading on fancy colors is a tricky thing.  With natural stones, deeper color saturation drives up the prices A LOT.  In order to get this they cut to maximize the light path through the stone.  This is the opposite of the way they cut colorless goods where they're trying to maximize face up light return and minimize color saturation.  It produces different rules.  Synthetics are a bit different.  They make whatever color they like so if they want a more saturated color they make a more saturated piece of rough (ok, it's not that easy but you get the point).  For them color isn't nearly as tied to cutting as it is for the mined goods. Size is mostly what drives the price.  Puregrown seems to cut to the same broad proportion rules with every stone and IGI thinks those proportions are pretty good.  For the most part I agree but there is no benchmark. The GIA cut scale doesn't apply and it wouldn't apply even if they were the lab.   Again I point out that there are only a few stones on the planet that meet your general specs, all were graded by the same lab, and all received one of four different cut grades on a totally opaque scale.  That provides exactly nothing to go on for the whole cut question.  I would probably hold 'fair' against a stone just because I don't care for the word but I have no idea what exactly they mean by that (and I"ve asked them this question directly by the way).  


The answer comes down to your eyes.  If you can't visit their showroom, have them ship you a stone or two to look at.  I"m pretty sure they take returns.  Don't want to do that or don't want to tie up your credit for the process?  Pick one.  I told you my preference but it was only barely ahead of flipping a coin.  Your results may vary.

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