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What Rock For $30K


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My budget is $30k. I want to purchase a 2ct stone. What charateristics should I look for and where should I compromise for my budget - below I have listed what I feel is ideal but I am a first time diamond buyer so have very limited knowledge at the moment - that's why I joined the forum, to learn and speak to experts.


I live in the UK and am thinking of purchasing from Blue Nile or Quality Diamonds.co.uk. I could easily get the charateristics listed below within my budget but do you think it is worth me stretching to F colour - I do like the thought of being in the colourless range. Any advice, recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Excellent Cut, Polish & Symmetry

Fluorescence None

Culet None

Gridle Medium - Slightly Thick


FYI: She wants a Tiffany ring but for my budget I can only get a 1.4ct stone. I think when she sees a 2ct she will forget about that stupid blue box.

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As a fellow European (and one that has lived 20 years in the UK), I'd say that G to F is definitely not worth it, but the best cut available almost definitely is. Similarly, I'd lower clarity significantly - just like Joshua and Neil have recommended.


The size vs. brand question is perhaps where I'd be a little more cautious. Size (or better: weight) isn't everything, and I would recommend that you at least take a look at what the various luxury jewellers have to offer in addition to the blue (or red) box. If she's keen on brands (and FWIW I think you could do even "better" than Tiffany), don't discount her opinion quickly - she's going to be the one wearing it, and a 2 carat (or more - you can afford it) may well be judged a bit gaudy in certain places.


ETA - cross posted with your response to Joshua: GIA Excellent cut covers a pretty broad range of looks; some are definitely more attractive than others, even though none looks bad (at least in my opinion). Symmetry and polish - to the limited extent that they are relevant - are already factored into the overall cut grade, BTW.

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As you are spending a sizable amount of money, I would tend to avoid SI1.  Even with GIA grading, SI1 stones in a 2 to 2.5 carat size are likely to be eye visible.  To quell the dissenting opinions, I am quite sure there are plenty of eye clean SI1 stones, but you will have to sift through a number of stones before you find them. VS2 is a pretty safe bet and keeping the stone white will in an F or G will get you a stunning stone.  Here is a list of stones in your said budget: http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds/?sortOrder=carat&sortDesc=1&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=2.02&fCaratHi=2.73&fColorLo=F&fColorHi=G&fClarityLo=VS1&fClarityHi=VS2&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=60.0&fDepthHi=62.4&fTableLo=53.0&fTableHi=58.0&fSymLo=ideal&fSymHi=exc&fPolLo=ideal&fPolHi=exc&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=none&fFlrHi=med&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=31000&fLabGIA=1&adv=1

If you focus on a truly well made stone, even a near colorless stone (H or even I) will appear quite white from the top.  Doing this will allow you to find bigger stone.  For my money though, I would focus on the parameters in the search above.


I hope this helps.

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Thanks guys. Check out this stone from James Allen - let me know your thoughts. SKU 498498


We're not allowed to comment on a particular vendors diamonds - only specific diamonds without mention of the vendor - it allows everyone to be objective - a very awesome rule @DiamondReview that other forums dont have :)

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As much as there is usually no visible difference between VS2 and VS1 stones, you still have to be mindful of the size and location of any inclusion as the stone gets larger.  In a 2 carat stones, such as the one you are referencing above, it is possible that once the diamond gets a little dirty (totally normal occurrence), that center crystal/cloud may be visible to the unaided eye.  the inclusion is small enough to warrant the VS2 grade, but you still have to be aware of potential impact.  I find the inclusions in a stone like this http://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/2.03-carat-g-color-vs2-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-328248

to be more desirable.  You will notice that the diamonds in that range from this vendor (and all others) vary in price.  If you look carefully, the more expensive ones, seem to have the least obtrusive inclusions and vice-versa.

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Just a quick update. I am thinking that a 1.5 carat stone is large enough and after reading all the posts on this forum about Tiffany I am seriously considering dropping my carat weight from 2 (from other vendors) to 1.5 to purchase from them.


Tiffany seems like no hassles and customer service for life - you know what your buying. What questions should I ask the customer service rep - to see ASET Scope images? What else?

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I doubt Tiffany would have ASET (or any other reflector technology) or indeed any images of any of their diamonds. On the other hand, they will call them in for you to see, and if you want an ASET scope, they cost $25 plus shipping from AGS...


Ignore the ASET, if you can see the diamonds with your eyes - at the end of the day, there are very few people that go around with an ASET scope, and once the diamond is set using one becomes very difficult indeed.

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