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Need Help Deciding Between 2 Round Diamonds


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I have 2 diamonds I have narrowed down to.  Any insight would be appreciated.  The main compromise is between clarity and size as both are ideal cut, G in color.  I know she will love whichever I go with but I want to know for my own well being that I did the right thing. 


It will be placed in a white gold halo setting with G/SI2 diamonds if that helps.  As far as price, the 1.04 carat is only $200 more than the .91




1.04 carat

SI2 Clarity




.91 carat

VS2 Clarity


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These grades are according to whom?
Have you seen either or both?  Any preferences?

Are the bragging rights of being over 1.00cts worth anything to you?

Has your setter confirmed that both will work with the mounting you've chosen?

These are pretty different stones.  May I ask how you narrowed it down to those particular two?

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They are both certified by EGL-USA.  I have seen both.  The inclusions in the bigger stone appear to be white/clear and near the side where the jeweler said he could hide it under the prong.  The smaller stone obviously has a lot less inclusions.  When looking down at the diamonds from above you can see thru the smaller stone whereas the larger one is white.


Also the reflections from the larger stone appear to be a little lighter/whiter (lighter tint of prism colors)  than the smaller stone.


No bragging rights per se, although I have heard that there is a jump as far as insurance when you break the 1 carat barrier


Both will work in my setting


As far as how I narrowed it down, I was referred to a local jeweler (small, not chain) by a friend and after looking at a few of his options in my price range, it came down to these two.  Just don't know if I want size or clarity

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I'm a big fan of supporting local jewelers but I'm not so much on EGL.  There's been lots of discussion in the forum on this topic so I won't repeat it here.  Search for threads with their name in the title if you want to see more on that more.


Insurance is a function of your declared value, not the size. 


Personally I"m a bit of a cut snob and I would go to that for the issue.  EGL is extremely broad in their use of the word 'ideal' so, unfortunately I can't tell you much without seeing them.


Again, these are way far apart and there are literally thousands of stones in between.  I would probably avoid EGL-SI2 and the reason for it in the first place is to get over that 1.0 weight point.  If that's not important to you, I'ld ditch that one.  There's not much to go on with the other.  Do you have the opportunity to get an independent appraisal from someone who's working for you, not them, and see what the real grading is?  It's important.

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Not as such... but it's not at all uncommon to agree that you will pay (e.g. on a credit card) and you will have X days to return the item. The details of what happens if/when you return the item vary considerably: some people give you an unconditional "all your money back" pledge; others will give you store credit or charge a restocking fee; others still may impose conditions on the return.


Any good online seller provides several week on an unconditional money back guarantee precisely because you cannot see the item prior to purchasing; high street stores tend to be more restrictive, but it doesn't hurt to ask (and - if the conditions are not agreeable - to push back or even change seller!).

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I am new to buying diamonds so I did not know that was an option.  Is it common practice for a jeweler to let a diamond out of his/her store before the sale has commenced. 

I would not recommend relying on EGL.  Whether or not you want to rely on the seller is up to you.  I don't know them from Adam but I point out that one thing we know about them is that they've asked you to rely on EGL.  Do with that as you wish. 


I would not buy ANY expensive piece of jewelry from a jeweler without a 100% return policy for some reasonable amount of time.  How long is reasonable?  That's also up to you.  A week seems good.  30 days is being generous.  I would insist on this even if you have no intention of seeking out an appraisal.  If they won't stand behind their grading, why should you?  Some appraisers are pretty busy by the way.  If you're going to do this, set your appointment first, before you even pick up the ring. 


Most jewelers will agree to this as long as they are properly secured (meaning you pay first).  Normally setting the ring will end it, so if you want someone to look at it as part of your shopping process, do it before it's mounted.  Sometimes appraisers will agree to go shopping with you as well but it usually costs more and the jewelers tend to see it as obnoxious. 

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