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Earrings Purchase....did I Make A Mistake


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Hey all....first time poster.


I recently purchased an almost perfectly matched pair of 1.3 ct (2.6ct total weight) diamonds for stud earrings for my wife. I bought them from a jeweler who has sold me other very nice items through the years.


I debated a lot regarding the 4 Cs and what to sacrifice to stay around $20k total. The diamonds I ended up with are GIA certified and are round brilliant, excellent cut, VS1, I color diamonds with all the other stuff being top notch. To the naked eye, they look much more like G or H to me...and the cut is truly exquisite. I paid $19k for th pair and feel like it is a fair price.


2 questions:


1) did I make a mistake going lower color grade? They looked clear to me, not yellow at all....and the cut was flawless in my mind. My only worry is that I bought these to one day potentially be ring quality stones for my son or daughter....will I regret this choice then?


2) was the price fair? I compared to other sites and it seemed inline, but I can never tell online what the cut truly looks like online. Any jewelry/appraisers on here would sure put my mind at ease that this was a fair deal. A lot or coin to spend to feel uneasy!


Thanks in advance. Happy to provide more detail if need be.

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I have no problem with I.  Most people don't.  Whether or not you do it up to you but you would be an outlier if you do.  The fact that you saw them and loved them is a really good sign.  I wouldn't stress about it.  Will it be what your kids want?  Who knows?  Kids do erratic things.  Those stones are better than about 90% of what young grooms buy so I'm guessing you'll be fine.  If it's not what they want, that's their problem.


1.30-1.33/I/VS1/GIA/xxx costs about $8-9000 each for the stones alone at the discount houses.  Depending on what sort of mountings you chose, add a few hundred for those and a few hundred to build them.  The jeweler is making money here, which is just fine.  As you point out, there's value to buying from him over the cheapest place online so add a thousand or two for him.  That lands you right on budget, especially if you're including sales taxes.  No, it's probably not the cheapest you could have put this deal together for but yes, I would call it fair.



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