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Hello From Turkey


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i saw on the internet site;




Or diamond jewellery united it is so sheap for example 1 carat d,e colur 1500 2000 usd ,


But only gie certificate not gia i dont know , if you know this site or seller please give me info


Best regards


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Oops okey i understand but i saw vvs1 vvs2 :( in my opinion site is lier :(

If it were a VVS1 (or even an SI1), it would not need clarity enhancement... in any case, the only place where I see the ad mentioning "VVS" is in their illustration of the various clarity grades available. Nowhere is the specific diamond being described as "VVS" clarity.


As to lying - there is sometimes a fine line between marketing and lies (or between lies and statistics, but that's another story).

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Start here... it's not a bad point: http://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds


BTW: GIA does not "certify" anyone or anything, and most importantly not shops. They even dislike the word "certificate" as applied to their lab reports. I only mention this in case you come across any vendors who claim to be "GIA certified": no such things exist.

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