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Is This A Real Diamond?


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First - who knows. No identification is possible only from photo, even the best quality ones. (And BTW you don't need to take photos through a loupe; in fact it introduces distortions, it makes focusing difficult and good lighting nearly impossible).


Second - it's not "what", it's "who". A professional, independent appraiser working for you.


I'm not trying to be snarky - it takes a fair amount of training and practice (as in: years of it) to be a grader, and there is a certain amount of talent/personal characteristics involved in being a good grader (not everybody is equally sensitive to minute changes in colour). A good appraisal costs a small fraction of the price of a diamond, and for most people it's a significantly faster, cheaper and safer option than learning to do it yourself.


A good primer into diamonds is Renée Newman's Diamond Handbook, but good though it is don't expect to become an expert from it (not least because even if the book is good, you still need a lot of practical hands-on training). If you seriously intend getting into collecting diamonds, by any means enrol into a diamond grading course at GIA or another good quality gemmology teaching institution. Don't expect it to be short or easy (or cheap!).


Photography (your first question) is a little easier - though not necessarily a slam dunk, but it only gets you so far; for positive identification (of any stone!) one definitely needs to have the stone in hand, as well as the above mentioned training and experience.

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There are appraisers in nearly every town.  Telling if it's a real diamond is pretty easy and usually free.  Grading is an entirely different kettle of fish, and appraising is yet another separate issue.  Where are you and I'll try to give you a referral.


ETA.  Given what looks to be a faceted girdle it probably IS a diamond.  Most of the alternatives don't do this.

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I can see that your stone is faceted, CZ usually are not.  try posting a photo of the stone top side, so we can see the table. 

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i want to know more information about diamond quality please anybody let me know.

Start with the tutorial at the top of the page. More in depth online gemology classes are available from the Gemological Institute of America http://www.gia.edu. Edited by denverappraiser
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