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The Perfect Choice - First Time Buyer


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Hello everyone,


i would really appricated any thoughts you may have about the below diamonds. i have the choice of 3 and would love some opinions as i am unable to see in real life. i have to trust the agent however would love some suggestions on which one is best :) as they all look ok to me.


they are all about the same price size clarity but its the small details i need help with.


gia: 6192622777


gia :1176017694


gia: 2186941895

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Not only are they all "about" (actually, "precisely", within grading tolerances) the same size, clarity and colour, but they are also "about" the same in terms of proportions. They may still end up looking different to each other and/or you may have a preference for one or t'other, but the information required to discriminate them is not on the lab report:


* Optical symmetry/patterning

* Transparency (not clarity - two different things)

* Your personal aesthetic preferences


FWIW, my bet would be on the first one (report number ending in 777) because of the slightly higher crown and slightly smaller table (at the risnk - remote in a VS2 - that the bunch of crystals under the table are somehow visible), but a.) I may well change my mind if I were to see the diamonds and b.) my preferences may not match with yours. They are all fine stones, as far as one cas tell looking only at the reports.


Unless the vendor can provide more information (reflector images, 3d scan outputs, comparative photos/videos, their own observations of the diamonds), I think it's a case of "pick one and look at it; if you like it, then keep it, if not return".


Links to the GIA reports for the convenience of anyone else who would like to comment:




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