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Diamond Table% Vs. Crown Angle


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Hi all,


During my search for an engagement diamond, I've been looking for diamonds with slight larger table %. I understand with a larger table I may be sacrificing on the fire and Scintillation properties of the diamond. I'm just wondering, can a large table diamond still produce good fire/scintillation if it's compensated with higher depth/crown angle etc.?



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It's all relative... at the end of the day, on a 2 carat (8 mm) stone, a "large" 60% table is about half a mm larger than a "small" 54% table, which is to say not much larger at all to an unaided human eye. You can get very nice looking diamonds with both table %, but they will look slightly different.


As to "compensating", not really very much - with a larger table you will end up with a smaller crown, and thus less fire (and to some extent - though in my opinion less visible - less scintillation because more of the light will be reflected directly through the larger table and not "broken up" by the crown, only by the pavilion). A steeper crown angle will increase the size of the crown (virtual) prisms, but not in the direction that matters (i.e. towards the typical observation angle), so it will only result in a heavier crown... and smaller looking stone.


Will you even see it? I'm not sure; possibly not without direct side-by-side comparison. Does it matter? I'm even less sure; I know quite a few people that would happily trade off the lower fire and contrast for the larger apparent size and brighter (if more uniform) appearance of a larger table.

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