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Your Thoughts On 1.9 Ct Princess Cut (F,vs2)


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Our 20th anniversary is coming up and I wanted to surprise the wife.  I already bought and received the following diamond from BN (still in the return period)


Princess Cut, 6.88x6.83x4.89, 1.9 CT, F, VS2. Polish:  Excellent, Symmetry: Very Good.  71% table, 71.6% depth, thin to thick girdle, strong blue fluorescence.   I read all of the literature on fluorescence prior to buying and felt it was worth a look knowing that I can send it back.  GIA report:  2165828023  Price was $13,490.


I feel like I am seeing shadows in the stone, but several things are creating doubts.

-My wife has a few other princess diamonds that are much smaller.  Do they have the same shadows and I just don't notice them because they are smaller in size?

-Am I looking a lot closer because I am spending more $

-Am I creating something in my head because I am a little paranoid because of the fluorescence?


I am looking for a little guidance:  There might because shadows because of X or Y.  You are giving up a little fire or brilliance because of X or Y.  I did my homework and felt like it was a pretty good stone on paper.  Not sure if I am being paranoid.  


I will probably head to a B&N to compare, but just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts.


Thanks in advance for your opinions 

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Your theories are all good, as is your solution. 'Shadows' is not the effect of fluorescence so I wouldn't worry about that one. Is there a cut problem that you don't have on you little ones? Maybe. Go visit a jeweler and/or an appraiser and check it out. There's nothing on paper that looks like a problem but most of the cut related topics don't show up on the lab docs.

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What Neil said. The idea of a trip to a jeweller to check things out is a good one. Just make sure that:


1. They have some decently cut stones to see. The only lab report that grades princess cut diamonds for cut quality is AGS, and that's quite rare. In all other cases, you are basically relying on the word of the vendor - or of their analysis equipment (both of which may be perfectly OK, but they do have a vested interest...).


2. If you plan on conducting live comparisons with your stone, let the jeweller know well in advance, preferably when you make the appointment (or as soon as you enter the store if you aren't making an appointment). There are legitimate security concerns over stone swapping.

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