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First Time Buyer


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Hello all


I am totally new to the world of diamond and am currently looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend.


I have an idea of what I want and a budget.


I have found a diamond that looks to be great - 1.21 carat, VS1, colour E


Is there anything in particular I should be looking at? I also have an option on a 1 carat VS2 colour D.


Both diamonds are in my price range, any advice on what to look for would be great!





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There's a bunch of issues here. It might benefit you to spend a few hours reading more-or-less random discussions here in the forum. There's quite a lot of people with concerns about like yours.


Here's a few questions to start with:

1) What's the shape?

2) What's the cutting like

3) Who graded these stones?

4) What's the style of store (fancy retail store, chain store, discount internet site, etc.)

5) What were the criteria that led you to those particular stones?

6) What's your budget?

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First and foremost, who is calling the diamonds E/VS1 or D/VS2? Not all grading reports are equal, and thousands of dollars in fair price hinge on tiny differences (such as, for example, D to E or VS1 to VS2).


Second - cut is probably the most important single variable in determining whether a diamond is nice to look at or just a very expensive and very hard piece of transparent material. You haven't mentioned it, not even to the extent of the basic shape.


Third - the channel through which you are buying or could buy through has a significant effect on price. High street (or mall) retailers tend to be significantly more expensive than internet operations.


Fourth - the diamond industry has created a number of myths, including ultrafine colour and clarity scales that have little to no real life impact on the looks of a diamond, but have a significant effect on prices. Part of the myths is that the difference between (say) D and G is not only large (4 grades), but easily visible in real life conditions. Have you seen enough correctly graded diamonds to have an idea of what colour, clarity, cut and size differences you can actually see vs. those that exist on paper?


Etcetera... I could go on and write a short book on this. It is probably more efficient if you can disclose a bit more information:


1. You have an idea of what you want - what is it?

2. How did you land on this combination of colour, clarity, cut, carat (and certificate and cost)?

3. Do you have any more info on the two diamonds you are considering? Lab report numbers would be the minimum.

4. Have the vendors provided you with any more information? Photos, reflector images, 3D scans? Have you seen the diamonds in different lighting conditions? Have you compared them to others? Why did you end up with these two?

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Hi guys


Apologies for the lack of detail.


The Stone is a princess cut diamond. Based on some casual research I did with my girlfriend, I know she wants a white stone so I am looking at colour D to F.


Based on the shape and colour, VS1 to VS2 seems to be within my budget.


The Stone is coming from an independent jeweller.


The stones are both GIA certified - numbers are as follows








Price difference is about 50% more for the larger stone.


The criteria for the stone is based around what I know my girlfriend likes and my aim to get the best stone I can for my money.


I am looking for your opinion on the 2 stones as out with the 4cs I am unsure on what I should be looking for with regards to depth etc.


I am hoping to go and see the stones next week





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Assuming the budget works, I like the bigger one better.  'very thin' on a princess is a bit of a red flag.  That's your only real clue.  Within some very broad ranges, depth has nothing to do with it. Strong Blue helps the price but raises a couple of questions. 

Here's the two links to make it easier if anyone else wants to comment.





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