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Rough Diamonds For Sale....


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Hi I am a longtime prospector who recently discovered an area of interest full of different minerals including diamonds. I did all home testing which passed so bought diamond tester and what I knew to be true....was true. I am posting a few pics of specimens I discovered. I live in an extremely remote area. If interested please contact my email address at hmarie76@live.com. Best Regards, Heather Marie

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Oh no tricky Ricky is an alien I cam from a planet that is on the right by the earth but am an alien and I got money and willing to spend it if I like what I see now if u have a problem bud I'll chest buy from some one else OK bud have a good one

First you are selling because your mum has health problems, then you are interested in buying - rough, no less. Which is it, my alien friend?


I got a nice looking Dimond it's a nice pic my mom needs surgery and I need to sell it any idea witch Website



Apart from that, Heather Marie's email address is right at the end of her first post.

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