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Help With This Rock


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I'm on the verge of making a decision on a diamond for my engagement ring.

My local Jeweler has offered this 1.7ct GIA#5196444753 diamond.


The GIA report shows ExExEx cut and the stone also looks quite clean. However, when I look further into it by running the dimension through the HCA tool, the result was very mediocre.

I told the Jeweler this, but they insisted that it is a quality stone and asked me to trust them on this.


I thought I'd post this and see what others think of this diamond?


Thank you.


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I'm not one to endorse the HCA but in this case I actually think it accurately reflects the fact that this is not the nicest excellent cut out there.  The combination of a slightly larger table (59%), slightly shallow crown (33°,13.5%) and slightly steep pavilion (41.8°) will likely give you a darker center on the diamond.  That said you may like the way this stone looks and not be willing to pay the higher price of a slightly better proportioned diamond, so in that case, this stone is perfect for you.

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Hey George, @davidelevi pointed me to this thread as I have a similar question/ issue with the HCA, and the proportions of the stone are similar.  Interestingly enough, I thought the shallow crown angle would somewhat offset the effect of the steep pavillion...Also... as you'll see in the pics (I think, anyway!) a couple of folks on PriceScope commented on how the large table was very reflective, leading to the look of a very bright stone.  Would love your opinion on these specs too!  Here's the thread and GIA report #: http://www.diamondreview.com/forum/topic/9912-advice-needed-on-sparkle-of-gia-triple-x/


GIA#: 1162999247


@AYG2014, curious what you're paying and if it's comparable to my stone :)


Thanks all!

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