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Should I Buy This Diamond 2.00 Carat F Vs1 Triple X


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Measure 8.04 - 8.05 x 4.98 mm

depth 61.9 %

Table 57%

Cr Angle 34.5

Pavillion angle 40.8

star lenght 45 %

Lower half 75 %

Culet None

fluor None

Price $30500


What do you think?


An alternative is GIA 1199238461for $2900.


Which you think is a better buy?


Thank you so much for your time and advice.

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Size-wise you will not see the difference. "Better buy" depends on which one you would prefer once you see them... they are both fine stones on paper.


Can you get more information from the vendor(s)? Reflector images, 3D scans, a comparative video or still shots would probably be helpful...

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They both appear to be beautiful stones.  If I were forced to pick one without seeing them live or at least in pictures side by side, I would probably choose the one you posted at the top and only because i personally prefer the look of a stone with 34.5° rather than 36° crown angles. That said, to really make an educated selection, you need more information as suggested by Davide.

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