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Detail-Oriented Woman Deciding B/t 3 Engagement Ring Diamonds-Help!


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Hello! Thank you for reading this post. I need some expert help in deciding between 3 diamonds. The original diamond my fiance and I chose was from a retail jeweler who was not skilled in gemology. Now, we have 3 diamonds sourced by reputable jewelers, but I cannot chose between them.I have looked at all of them through the looper and spent 2+ hours with each of them.

The most important factors to me are a) that it is completely eye-clean in every light and angle, and that I won't find an inclusion looking at up me after a few hours -or weeks- and B) size. 

For some reason, I am able to se inclusions that others are not. I have seen black carbon spots that are just under the table in a VS2, and evidence of a deep seated cloud obscuring the center starburst of 1 VS2. So I would love to connect with people who also have superhuman vision and expect superb quality for about $20K.

I've attached the GIA Reports, plus close ups of the 'Clarity Characteristics' image. \Here are the GIA Report Numbers as well: 5171038596,2161733549,5146786299

Don't hold back! I have no one to talk to about this, except my mother who is out of state. Thank you!




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Unfortunately, both details of clarity (particularly if you are blessed or cursed with extraordinary visual acuity) and any evaluation on cut (on non-rounds especially) are things that require direct viewing of the stone.


FWIW, my personal bet is that I'd like most the 1.94, then the 2.02 and last the 2.15, and I would also bet that inclusion visibility is going to be in the same order.

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Eye visibility is NOT one of the elements of clarity.

Clarity is graded from the top view ONLY.


That means you're looking for information that isn't present on the report.  It's not included in the clarity grade, it's not included in the plot, and it's not usually even part of what drives the price. 

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