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Need Advice Between Two 0.85 Ct Vs1 G Diamonds Please!


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Been looking for quite some time and would like opinions on these two stones please. Both stones are pretty similar, but just wondering whether anybody can see anything that stands out in the specs. HCA is excellent on both. Unfortunately, neither have ASET or Ideal-Scope images available. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


Stone 1 - GIA cert: $3800

Round, 0.85 ct, G, VS1, Triple X on cut/polish/symmetry, HCA 1.2

Depth: 60.7%

Table: 56.0%

Crown Angle: 34.0°

Crown Height: 15.0%

Pavilion Angle: 41.0°

Pavilion Depth: 43.5%

Star Length: 55%

Lower Half: 80%

Girdle: Thin to Medium, Faceted, 2.5%

Culet : None

Measurements: 6.16x6.21x3.76 

Clarity characteristics: Crystal (picture on cert shows small crystal near center on table)


Stone 2 - GIA cert: $3970

Round, 0.85 ct, G, VS1, Triple X on cut/polish/symmetry, HCA 0.8

Depth: 61.0 %

Table: 56 %

Crown Angle: 33.5°

Crown Height: 14.5%

Pavilion Angle: 40.8°

Pavilion Depth: 43.0%

Star Length: 50%

Lower Half: 80%

Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick, Faceted, 3.5%

Culet : None

Measurements: 6.09x6.12x3.73 

Clarity characteristics: Crystal, Cloud, Pinpoint (no picture on cert)


I was told by somebody that the 55/80 star/lower half combination in stone 1 is not good because any asymmetry would be exaggerated and contrast pattern would be poor. Can anybody verify that thought?


If neither stone is a worthy purchase, I'd like to know that too! Thanks in advance!

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I would not be worried about the star length:


1. I disagree that it strongly determines contrast/pattern or enhances any asymmetry issues (certainly not to the level that 50/80 would be significantly different, not least because of rounding in the way GIA reports the results)


2. We do not know if any of the above issues are present in any case


3. Your personal preferences may differ from "wisdom" (?) passed on by someone else


4. I assume you are buying from a good online-based vendor that provides you with a long(ish) penalty-free return period; until that is expired, you are only committing to shipping costs (and maybe not even those; many vendors provide free shippng both ways).


Therefore, I'd be inclined to go with stone #1, which has proportions I like marginally more (crown angle and height, but it's marginal), faces up a little larger AND costs a little less.

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