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Depth Of Oval


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I am looking at purchasing an oval diamond from a local jeweler.  The oval I am looking at is a GIA Si2 the only inclusion is a feather that is not visible and is not located near the girdle.  Stone is .90ct, Color E, Floro, None, Girdle is thin to to slightly thick, Depth is 55% Table is 61%.  The stone faces very large 8.01 x 5.59.  They are asking $3500 for it which seems like a fair price from my research.  My only real concern is the depth, as the stone is pretty shallow, but the light performance in the store seems great.  Should I be concerned about purchasing this stone or should I not worry so much about the depth and just pull the trigger?  It faces larger than most of the 1 ct's they have stocked and with my amateur eye I personally think it the stone is very clean for an Si2.  Its also going to save me a good amount of money.  Just looking for some input from people that know more than I.  Thanks.   

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"Depth" as such is irrelevant. What matters is how the stone is cut, and whether it manages to avoid large areas of contrast ("bow tie"/dark centre) or even windows (areas where you see through the stone). Bear in mind that jewellery store lighting is typically flattering to diamonds and gemstones. Ask the jeweller to show you the diamond in different lighting environments: under the spotlights you already know it looks good.


Test it out in a room with diffused lighting (back-office), in open natural light (offer to leave a credit card/ID as guarantee if you need to get out of the store), in full sunlight and in dim light (under a table or a darker room). If it keeps being nice and bright in all these environments, then it's a keeper independent of depth.

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Davide, for once I will disagree with you.  In my 30 odd years of experience, I have never met an oval with a 55% depth that I would not consider too shallow.  My guess is that the stone may face beautifully in the shop but you will probably see right through it if you place it on your hand. For somebody who is not experienced at looking at diamonds, they may not recognize a glassy looking or poorly cut stone when looking at it by itself, with no point of reference. We would refer to such a stone as a pancake because it spreads out really big but does not have the depth necessary for nice scintillation.  There is no perfect depth for an oval, but there are depths which are not close.  My suggestion would be to compare this stone to one or more with better proportions - even if they are not the same size - and see if you notice a difference.


I hope this helps.

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George - I don't think we are disagreeing, other than on the fact that one can find ovals with a 55% depth which look reasonably good (vs. "the best"). It is however interesting that we are approaching the question from 2 points of view:


You are emphasising that it may not be the best (or even a good) cut in comparison to others.


I am emphasising that if vdeloren likes it in a variety of environments it's a good stone.

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Well I went back to look at the stone during my lunch and ended up having It set. I have 30 days to return the stone no questions asked.  Here are some pictures and the actual gia report.  I was a little off on the specs.  The depth is actually 55.9.  In the various lighting conditions I have tested it I still think it looks really good.  Especially in my kitchen under the led lights and direct sunlight.   




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