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Opinions On This Stone And Mounting Options.


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My pawn shop has a diamond ring that he'll let me have for $2000USD cash. Here's the specs on the stone based on the GIA report. I did not write down the number however. . 


-0.74 ct 5.9 x 5.93 x 3.5 mm*

- E color, IF clarity

-triple ex

-60% table and depth

-Crown and Pavillion angle 32.5 and 41

-Girdle medium faceted 3.5%

-Fluorescence Medium Blue


No ASET or Idealscope images. 


Seems like a good deal to me. 


However the fiance wants a diamond 8mm or more in diameter. So I would take this stone and mount it with a halo design to reach the size she wants. She likes the Tiffany embrace ring but with .75 G VVS2 center it will cost me $10500USD. So I look for platinum pave ring with halo design of 1/4ct and it costs $1900 from places like BlueNile. Not sure what jeweler charge to mount it. Maybe $300?  So cost me $4200 for this ring. 


But then I see Tiffany embrace ring .52 center E VS1 triple ex for $5000. So maybe I buy that instead even though smaller stone but it Tiffany which women very much like.




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Not sure what your question is. One thing I can tell you is that if your fiancée wants an 8 mm stone, you are unlikely to get away with a 5.90 set in a halo, even though from far away it may look like an 8 mm stone... and much less with a 5.20 (0.50 ct) even though it may come in a blue box.

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There is a communication disconnect here. An 8mm round diamond is going to be on the order of 2 carats. You're looking at a 0.74. GF wants a ring from Tiffany & Co. You're shopping in a pawn shop. Talk to her. What she wants ( a 2 carat ring from Tiffany) is going to cost upwards of of $50,000. That's fine if your budgets are in that league but your stated budget is $4,200. That's fine too but I see some serious heartache in the future if her expectations and your means don't come into closer alignment. The problem here isn't with diamonds.

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I'm not a diamond specialist, but I can't help but chime in. My buddy's girlfriend stated she would only accept a pink diamond and her next car would have to be a Bentley. That's from a guy whose engagement ring budget was $2K put on a charge card. One time for her birthday she picked out a $34K watch and this schmuck was ready to buy it but thankfully was denied that much credit. He was madly in love with her, ready to start a family and have children. Really good guy too. Long story short, he now has a different girlfriend.


Someone that is after material things especially ones that are out of reach is probably worth reconsidering. My ex-wife's favorite saying was "I deserve a luxury lifestyle". Well guess what, now I'm the one enjoying a great life and she is kicking rocks.

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The stone being offered by your pawn shop is a spready stone (looks large for its weight) with a fairly shallow crown.  This will result in a stone that does not have very much sparkle and will certainly not look like a Tiffany quality stone.  Your idea of buying a stone and having it set in a halo may be a very good one as you will be able to create a ring for much less than Tiffany's would sell something similar but before you start there are a few questions you need to know the answers to: First, what is your actual budget?  You need to know this for yourself and you may possibly want to make sure your GF understands this. Secondly, you need to know what you GF really wants.  Is it the larger center stone or is it the overall look?  Thirdly, how important is that Tiffany label?  With a limited budget, having the ring come from Tiffany's means the ring will be smaller than if it is created elsewhere.  So what is the most important, size of brand?


I hope this helps.

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