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Specs On This Diamond Look Great, Am I Missing Something??


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Everything seems great about the diamond and the cost is $4000, which is significantly lower than .85 ct diamonds I've seen with similar qualities. Only problem is, the diamond is from solomonbrothers.com and there are no images of the stone. Is this a worthy purchase?? Thanks for any help

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The price is in the lower quartile of similarly graded diamonds (~0.85 RBC GIA/AGS G-VS1 EX/ID NF), but it doesn't seem suspiciously low to me.


Re: the lack of images, 2 observations:


1. You can always ask Solomon Brothers to call in the stone and take a couple of pictures or at least tell you if there is anything odd with it.


2. Look at the "purchase" happening only once you decide to keep the stone; until that time, all you are buying is the option to see it for the price of shipping.

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