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Given the use of "SI3", I take it that the ring comes with an EGL report. This means very little knowledge of colour (it's going to be K or lower) and clarity - which is minimum I1 on the GIA scale, but it could be I2. Also, if it is an estate piece, they may have examined the stone mounted, meaning "2 carats" could be anything from 1.70 to well over 2.20. Cut quality in old stones is all over the place, from diamonds that would not be out of place next to the best modern stones to things that barely qualify as cut and polished.


This gives a huge range of uncertainty over any estimate of fair price. Huge as in a factor of 10.


In addition, you have provided no information on the setting, other than to say "1930s". Materials, design and execution quality will all have a significant impact on fair price for that too.


In other words: with the info you have posted, there is no way to offer even rough guidance. Sorry.

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