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Pulling Strigger Soon, Please Share Your Expert Opinion On This Stone. Thank You So Much


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"Cause for concern" depends on what you are looking for, and you haven't posted some potentially interesting information (such as whether the stone is fluorescent or not). Providing all the information you have, or at least the lab report number is a better way than posting incomplete information with hard-to-read low resolution pics.


Will it look white? Yes.


Will the inclusions be invisible? Yes.


Will it sparkle? Most likely.


Will it be seen as a nice stone by 99.99% of people? Very likely yes, including me, if there is no issue with transparency.


Is the price reasonable? Probably yes - it's in the bottom 20%-25% of similarly graded diamonds for sale at commercially aggressive internet-based retailers.


Is it the best cut diamond you could buy? Not in my opinion, and that is likely one reason why the price is at the "low end" (all is relative).


Would I buy that for $30k? No.


The setting I don't like on three grounds: one is personal aesthetic preference; the second one is that it leaves the diamond hugely exposed, and the third one is that I think the construction is going to be too fragile for use as an engagement/everyday ring unless you are very delicate with your jewels.

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