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Advice On This Rock Please!!


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Hello everyone, I would like some opinions on this diamond that I'm considering for a custom engagement ring. The stated price of the diamond is $4300. The specifications look good to me but would like more opinions since I've only been reading up about diamonds for a couple weeks. Only thing I'm a bit worried about would be clarity characteristics stating "Cloud, crystal"... can someone explain what that might mean? From what I'm told "it is faint black under the table but 100% eye clean." I would be able to go and see the actual diamond before purchasing, which I would highly prefer over buying from even reputable sites like whiteflash and jamesallen. Thoughts??


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I must admit, I'm at a loss what a faint black cloud under the table of a VS2 is supposed to mean.  Did the seller tell you it's 'eye clean' or is that something you imputed from the clarity?  (I think it's likely, I"m just trying to separate out what you were told by the seller from what you've read online)>


Here's the direct link if anyone else wants to look at it by the way:



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In terms of pricing, you're on the high side of the pure internet players like you mentioned but you have the advantage of being able to look at the stone in person and there's definite value to buying the ring, the mounting and the labor from the same source.  How much that's worth is up to you.  Yeah, he's making a few bucks on it.  


There are dozens of comps to choose from.



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Thanks for taking a look and responding denverappraiser. I'm actually just communicating with the person making the setting because its his diamond source. The person I'm speaking with told me, "I’m being told it is faint black under the table but 100% eye clean." 

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