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Is This Diamond A Good Buy?


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Who knows? The only things we know with any certainty about the diamond are that it's a 1.30 carat pear, and that it's fluorescing blue.


We have a vague indication of colour and clarity (where we know it's very unlikely to be what GIA would call J or SI2, and it's very likely to be worse than that), no information on cut other than it looks larger than some other stones you saw.


The price is unexceptional - you can get a 1.3x GIA J/SI2 pear for the same money shopping online.

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There's really not much to go on here.  The problem is EGL.  The seller, or their supplier, chose EGL for a reason, and that reason usually has to do with inflating grades.  If you haven't done any research into them, spend a bit of time in this forum reading threads with EGL in the title.  It makes a big difference.  Dropping from J/SI2 to K/I-1, for example, is just one boundary line each but it has a profound impact on the expected prices. 


Play a little bit with the 'diamond finder' utility at the top of the page.  That's a database of offers from a half a dozen highly aggressive dealers.  Search for a set of parameters, look at the results and then do the same search for slightly different specs.  Notices what happens when you cross the J/K and SI2/I1 boundaries as well as when you change from GIA to EGL.  Not to worry, it's free and it's anonymous. 

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