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Help With On Line Diamond Seller


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Apparently simple question - but without understanding a little more about what you are looking for, it's easy to advise you wrongly.


Why is the requirement "based in Europe" so important? (Particularly given you are looking at online, and therefore possibly remote vendors regardless of whether they are "based in Europe")

What does "based in Europe" mean? Is Amazon or Apple "based in Europe"? Is someone selling on eBay.co.uk based in Europe?

What does "Europe" mean? Is Switzerland in Europe? Is Russia?

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The reason I want to buy a diamond from a Europe (EU) based on-line seller is because I reside in EU (Greece).

If I buy from a US based seller, I will have to pay also customs in Greece. This is why I prefer an EU seller.

What I am most interested to find is a reputable on line seller based in EU (like James Allen or Blue Nile in the US).

What I am afraid is to buy from a dubious seller and not know whether I will ever receive what I ordered..

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Actually, from a taxation point of view, location of the seller makes no difference:


1) There is no customs/excise duty on loose diamonds entering the EU, and there is a uniform 2.5% duty for mounted jewellery.

2) VAT and other local taxes are payable regardless of whether you pay them to the seller or directly to Greek customs; rates do not change.


The only difference - if any - is customs clearance charges levied by the carried, which however in the scheme of things tend to be minor (a few tens of Euro, if that). Incidentally, it's usually worth using a good courier (e.g. Fedex) rather than the national postal services, because not only shipping and clearance is faster but customs processing fees tend to be lower too, more than compensating higher "shipping" costs.


FWIW, Blue Nile has at least one EU-based branch, as do Zoara, 77Diamonds, Tiffany and CostCo (just to provide a broad range of service levels too) - however I see no specific reason to shop in any of these places because of their legal presence in the EU or otherwise. James Allen - to mention only one - provides significantly more information on most of their stones than any of the others mentioned above: this is in my opinion significantly more useful/valuable than a marginal streamlining in the way I pay VAT.

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