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How Much Is My Jewelry Worth?


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Iâ€m going to guess that by 'worth' you mean how much you can sell it for.  A significant bit of that depends on where you are and how good you are at selling things but the general formulas are the same.


The charming lady on the front of the coin is Victoria and the guy on the back is George.  They're called a 'half sovereign'.  Obviously it's from England.  They aren't especially collectible in that condition but they are made of gold and dealers pay anywhere from $250-$350 for them depending on the details.  Gold is gold and they're actually pretty cool after all. 


The '750' mark on the chain means that they're claiming it's gold as well.  18k.  Assuming that's correct (saying it's gold doesn't necessarily make it true), such things bring about $25/gram from the gold buying houses.

The coin bezel, that frame holding the coin, is probably gold too but it's a different color and I would guess it's not 18k.  I can't read the mark.  Assuming it's 14k, the buyers are at about $16/gram.

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Actually, if I see it right, the filigree frame is marked "375" i.e. 9 kt gold, so scrap value of about $12/g; on the other hand, the coin could well be a full sovereign, which means twice the content of gold. Measure the diameter of the coin - a full sovereign is ~22 mm, a half is ~19


If I keep seeing right, the pendant is also marked with London Assay Office date letter for 1916 and maker's mark "FM", however I cannot locate any details about the maker.

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Thank you for your answers! I looked through my watch magnifying glass to the filigree frame and i think it's 575 but i'm not 100% sure. davidelevi i've measured the diameter of the coin are you're right is 22mm.

But the model itself  of the chain and frame doesn't have any value? Just scrap value?

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"575" is not an allowed title for gold. You could have 585 (14 kt) or 375, so I think it's more likely to be 375 than anything else, given the "75" is quite clear


Also, if I have the style of the "S" mark correct, and therefore the (hallmarking of the) piece is dated 1916, there was no 14 kt title before 1932, so an initial "5" is ruled out.

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