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Need Help! Diamond Aset/ha Analysis


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Hi Everyone,
After a long wait, I have received the report for my diamond. I would really appreciate any feedback! I have already made the purchase, but it is still within the return period. 

I am hoping for good feedback...but please be honest...  Unfortunately, I am not experienced enough to make many worthwhile determinations based on the report...

Should I be concerned about the little white dot of leakage in the middle or in other places? Or anything else?


GIA Report: 



ASET/HA report attached





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It is possible that the operator of the Sarin made a mistake, or it is possible that the pavilion point was chipped/abraded after the GIA report was issued. It is also possible - though unlikely - that no-one at GIA noticed the culet. Without seeing the stone through a loupe or even a microscope, can't do more than guessing.

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