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Advice Needed - Collection Value


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pink 1 - fancy light pink, si2, 1.01ct. the flaws are mostly on the edges of the diamond, ask $36000

pink 2 - fancy pink, vs1, 0.61ct, ask $30000


I am looking to set it into a halo ring but also want it to have some value upside in the future. The most important factor for colored diamond is its color, and with a much better clarity i guess pink 2 will have a better collection value? but at the same time pink 1 shows good value, at least from the shallow research i've done so far. the most important criterion for me is the long term collection value. Any advice or thoughts please? thank you.

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By long term collection value, you mean your ability to sell it for more in the future?   If so, don't buy either one.  In fact, don't buy diamonds at all.  That's almost entirely about whether you are better at selling things than the person you're buying from.  We don't know either but it's clear that you don't count yourself as particularly expert.  At the very least you're at a disadvantage, and possibly at a steep disadvantage.  Don't go in to this expecting to ever see your money again.   

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Even discounting the "long term collection value" issue - which you say is most important to you, and on which I agree with Neil (i.e. collect something else if you want "value") - you haven't (posted) nearly enough information to compare the two from a purely "it's jewellery" point of view:


1. Who is grading the diamonds? Is the origin of colour natural? Any treatment or enhancement? Has clarity been graded by the same lab?

2. What is the impact of the inclusions on the diamond's beauty?

3. How are they cut? What proportions? Does the cut result in a pleasant, even appearance of colour and life?

4. How intense and pure is the pink? You may be paying a premium for FP vs. FLP but the two stones may be very very close (or one may have a secondary tinge that though not on the report still makes it far less nice to look at).

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Well I don't intend to sell it any time soon, rather my position is to understand which one could be seen as more valuable by the market (in very general terms), since the costs are quite similar and I like them both after looking at them.. basic observations re @davidelevi - 


1. natural and full GIA reports for both 
2. pink 1 - some crystals and feathers are quite obvious with naked eyes, but they are on the edge of the diamond so I guess can be hidden by the setting somehow.. pink 2 - looks all clear to me even with magnifier
3. both cushion, not sure how to compare 
4. both are pink without obvious secondary tinge (not brownish or orangish). pink 1 looks quite pink for flp to be honest, but color for pink 2 is more intense in all levels. 


Thanks again

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Currently buyers like 'pure' pinks with little overtones, especially browns. Bigger sells better than smaller ones.  Clarity above the point that it's distracting isn't nearly as big a topic as it is on colorless goods and the range of pricing is huge.   I can't help but loop back to your issue of collection value.  Collectors are notoriously fickle.  What's hot now may or may not be hot in the future and it's not what was hot in the past.  Pinks, for example, took off when Jennifer Lopez got one.  That's the way fashion works but it's good to remember that J Lo is NOT a gemological property. 

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Sorry - forgot one: what size (not weight) are they?


Bear in mind that the reason why most gem and jewellery dealers make money is because they trade. On the one hand, they are always in the market and grab whatever bargain they find; on the other, they resell it before it goes out of fashion.


The upward trend on fancy colours is long established, but 1) it had a long way to go to catch colourless diamonds, and 2) it's not at all a guarantee that prices will continue to rise or even not fall. Victorian jewellery was hugely popular with collectors in the 1970/80s (at least in the UK); now you can't give it away, with very few exceptions. Art Deco will be next: it's already significantly more difficult to sell unsigned pieces than it was 10 years ago... even though prices for signed ones are still going through the roof.

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Purely personal opinion, but I'd go for the 0.65:


1. It faces up not much smaller (see below), and with a halo or double halo it will look substantial (you could have one pink halo and a white one)



2. It has no problems with clarity no matter how you set it and no matter who looks at it from whatever angle.


3. It is a Fancy, not a Fancy Light (and from your description it sounds like it is significantly pinker)


4. It is $6000 less - which covers the setting and then some.

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Bear in mind I haven't seen any of these, and the actual colour and appearance (e.g. cut quality/appeal) has a very significant impact on fair price, but this one feels quite expensive, and I'd still be more interested in the 0.65, particularly considering that they are practically the same size face up (5.14 x 4.85 vs. 5.22 x 4.52) yet the 0.65 is half the price.


The naturals are fine; in a VS1 they will be tiny, and the stone has already been subject to huge pressure and temperature when it was being cut; if there had been any significant fragility, it would have shown up then (either as feathers or as an outright explosion).

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