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Yes, I know quite a bit about them.


They don't really compare that way.  It's like asking how much more a car costs than a bicycle.  In general, cars DO cost more, but the details are what counts.  There's nothing wrong with buying a bike or a skateboard if that's what you want/need but if the pitch you're hearing is that they're cheaper than Ferrari's, it's BS, even if it's true.  The same issue applies in diamonds although one of the problems with the sellers of enhanced goods is that the details are often deliberately concealed behind no-name grading labs and mostly non-existent grading standards.


A far better pitch is that they're cheaper and/or better than other enhanced stones that you might be considering.  

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I'd put across a slightly different point of view:


If you are talking of fracture filling, then provided you can grade them reliably for colour, pre-treatment clarity and cut quality (size too, but weight doesn't change that much for most cases of clarity enhancement), they end up costing more than equivalent non-enhanced stones. Of course one can argue that the treatment, extra warranty (if any) and improvement in appearance (if any, again) are worth something, but don't think that you are somehow getting a true bargain.


Slightly different considerations apply to laser drilling and HPHT processing. For laser drilling you do get a price bonus (as a buyer) - in exchange for more difficult selling and reselling (in my opinion unnecessarily so, but who said markets were rational?); for HPHT you end up very much in the same situation as for treated non-diamond gems: they are considerably cheaper, but very very difficult to sell loose (and almost impossible to resell).


Then again, perhaps my "different" position is not so different from Neil's...

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