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Enhanced Radiant 5 Carat Diamond


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It's all about that grading and the dealer selling it.  You're relying 100% on that AGI document and whatever the seller is telling you.  I don't know either one of them, and it sounds like you don't either.   That's a slightly odd list of specs so I would be curious what scale they are using but, frankly, it doesn't much matter if you can't convince yourself that their opinion has merit.  The onus here is on them and the default answer is NO.  If you decide they're worth listening to, ask 'em.  If you decide they aren't, ignore them. 

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We got the ring from Nathaniel jewelers and I asked them if they would sell it for me bc the engagement is off (he decided he didn't want to get married after 4 years) I know nothing about selling jewelry and didn t want to get taken advantage of. Bottom line they said they would sell it on their web site and charge me 25% of the sale. The ring was bought for 40,000$ and it's been months and they won't list it. I've called numerous times asking them to help and they keep saying they will get to it. Regardless I need to sell it. How should I go about that and not get too short changed.

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You’re in a pickle.

Consigning it back to the original seller is definitely the place to start.  25% commission is a bit on the high side for a ‘virtual’ sort of consignment on an item that they originally sold but $40k is big money for that.  They got it once, maybe they can get it again.   That may be the reason they’re being obtuse.  $10k for listing something on an ebay store is a pretty good commission, but if they can’t actually sell it for your reserve price then they’re wasting their time and annoying someone who was at least once a pretty good customer.

There are plenty of competitive places out there.  IdonowIdont.com comes to mind. 

Most dealers I know wouldn't touch it as an item for inventory. 

Most consumers aren't going to be eager to buy such a thing from a one-off seller.

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