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Please Help - Decision Between Two Diamonds


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I'm having a very tough time deciding between these two diamonds (unfortunately no idealscope images). Any help appreciated - thanks! Diamond 2 is $450 more expensive than Diamond 1

Diamond 1
Depth: 60.2, Table: 58, Crown: 34, Pavilion: 40.6
GIA ex, ex, ex
0.7 HCA score (picture attached, the red seems to be deeper than option 2 - why is that?)
GIA report shows several twinning wisps and mentions surface graining

GIA Report https://p0.a-ritani.com/uploads/diamonds/certificate/pdf/2676981/D-922FNN.pdf




Diamond 2
Depth: 59.6, Table: 59, Crown: 33, Pavilion: 40.8
GIA ex, ex, ex
1.1 HCA score (picture attached - not sure why the red area doesn't seem as 'deep' of a red as option 1?)
GIA report looks very clean

GIA Report: https://p0.a-ritani.com/uploads/diamonds/certificate/pdf/2124701/D-3Q9FJ8.pdf





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I'd be tempted to go with #1: it's cheaper, it's visually the same size, it's at least as well cut (in fact I prefer it to the other, on paper at least), and it's almost certainly eye clean (the amount of ink on the plot is not at all a sign of what is visible... just of what is there).

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Marginally higher crown, and marginally smaller table. However, it's marginal, based on personal preferences and in real life (i.e. seeing the two diamonds, preferably next to each other) I may well swap preferences; there's a lot to a diamond's appearance that isn't captured in the report data.

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