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How Does This Diamond Look For 20K?!?


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... which in turn tends to indicate that:


1. There may be some visible inclusions


2. The cut is not as super duper as it could (the info at http://www.gia.edu/cs/Satellite?reportno=5161934962&childpagename=GIA%2FPage%2FReportCheck&pagename=GIA%2FDispatcher&c=Page&cid=1355954554547seems to suggest that's not the issue)


Or both of the above. The photo seems to show a fair amount of inclusions being reflected in the crown and a couple being visible under the table; whether this is then replicated in reality and - if it is - whether it bothers you are still open issues.

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In support of Joshua's question, there does seem to be a difference between the placement of the inclusions on the photo when compared to where they are mapped on the diagrams.  Aside from this issue, based on the pictures, I would say that the inclusions a fairly significant for an SI1.  This stone should be eye clean based on the grade.  When viewed in person, I have my doubts if this would hold true.  In the trade we would refer to this as being on the "low side" of SI1 which i think is reflected in the price.

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