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Views On This 0.44Ct, Vvs1, E Diamond


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Apart from the fact that "leakage" is a very ill defined term, I see absolutely nothing to worry about in the ASET image. The white at the edges of the star facets is normal and unavoidable unless one does pretty strange things to facets, which in turn would cause problems in other places (not least on the lab report).

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It depends on what you are trying to assess: to assess an H&A pattern, an ASET image is definitely not enough, and you need at least a "hearts" view. From the point of view of light return and visual symmetry, the ASET view is pretty good and an H&A viewer adds very little to it.


Does an H&A pattern matter to you? If so, why?


Re: arrowhead - nope. Bear in mind that you are looking at a hugely magnified view of a very small object. As far as visual symmetry "from the top" goes, it is as good as it gets.

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I would also add that most of these image setups are sort of jimmy rigged together and minor inconsistencies may be a product of the misalignment of the scope top or bottom or the camera or the stone not sitting 100% straight.  Unless you are comparing multiple stones taken with the exact same setup by the exact same people, you have to consider that minor inconsistencies can be as much an artifact of the set-up as of the stone.  Although technically this arrows pattern would not "qualify" as H&A, the visual difference that you would notice is negligible.  If the H&A pattern is paramount, then, as Davide points out, pictures of both sides are necessary to determine the precision of the pattern.

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Thanks Davide and George for your insights:)


I was also provided with the ideal scope image and a actual image of the diamond. From both images, it does seem that the shape of the south arrow is similar to what it appears in the aset scope i.e out of shape. Not sure if it is due to the set-up as well?


I was given the hearts scope image. This does look beautiful to me:D




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