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Help With A Pear Diamond Please!


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Hello everyone!


I'm ready to pull the trigger on an engagement ring and I'm looking for a pear diamond.


Due to my circumstances, I can't actually look at the diamond and all i get to see is the GIA cert.


I've got an opportunity for a diamond now who's cert. i've included but I just have a few worries.


First of which is what seems to be a cluster of inclusions on the diamond. I know it's a VS1 but I just wanted to get your valuable opinions before I splashed out on it. Any chance that I'll be able to see it with the naked eye since it's on the table?


Secondly, my online research seems to show that you should get a minimum of a color grade of H for pears, but does this minimum mean that I'm really getting the most basic one for the future missus? I'm wondering if I should drop the carat for a higher color grade.


Thank you so much for your help in advance guys. Looking forward to hearing back from you all!





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Hello Smock1986,


Like you said, the VS1 makes it extremely difficult to see any inclusion from the naked eye. By definition, inclusions that result in a VS1 grade are minor inclusions difficult to see under 10x magnification for a trained eye. I'd say you shouldn't worry about it. Additionally, the inclusions are clouds and needles, which are often less noticeable than say a crystal. Even though they are in somewhat of a cluster, you're still fine.


As for color, I don't believe there is a "minimum" grade for pear shapes. An H color will look near colorless and when set in a ring, I'd be surprised if you were able to identify the color. I certainly do not think you're getting the most basic or minimum for your future missus. An H color is a very nice grade.


As for whether you should drop carat size for higher color? Only you can make that decision. You must evaluate what's most important to you. If you don't want to sacrifice size, I believe you're perfectly okay with an H color. Increases in color grades have noticeable impact on price and will certainly affect your budgeting.




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I have seen an H pear diamond in a platinum setting next to a similar ring with a higher color graded pear diamond (forget which grade, but higher than H) and I could not tell the difference if that helps.


As for your other questions, I think Fourmine said it well

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The one point which you haven't touched upon is cut. You (or anyone) cannot assess cut on a pear shape from a lab report; if the vendor cannot provide some more information (photographs, video, reflector images), at the very least make sure that you have a good penalty-free return period.

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