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Advice On Selecting A $500-$550 0.3Ct Round Cut Diamond For This 6-Prong Yellow Gold Setting Please


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Looking for a bit of advice on selecting the right diamond for this setting please:






My budget is approx $500 (I could go up to $550 if you think it's worth it). I am seeking that illusive fire and sparkle, although I realise that with my budget this might be a bit of an ask.


I've previously been advised that cut is the primary thing to focus on.


James Allen offer a "True Hearts cut", but these start at $750, so I think I will opt instead for the next down, which is what they call an ideal cut (this seems to be an excellent on GIA, just the same as the true hearts ones, but I guess there may be a difference) These ideal cuts start at about $420.


This leaves me around $80-$130 to play with (not a lot I realise), so I'm wondering what in your opinions would be my best options.


I just found this stone, for example, at $500, which seems good to my novice eyes








As well as selecting colour/clarity/symmetry and polish options the other and perhaps most important thing to think about would appear to be the ideal shape and proportions for this size stone in this setting.


If you could suggest a few combinations of good proportions or maybe give an example stone or two to look at I'd be very grateful.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much in advance.

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I would actually move away from the classic shopping advice. For example I'd ditch both GIA, the Internet, and new manufacturing. I'd even drop the 'cut is king' business. The problem is that the ring sans diamond is going to run you easily $300 (JA wants $470 for their version). Set and size $75. The GIA inspection costs $75. We've nearly blown the whole budget without even looking at the stone. Shop at pawnshops, craigslist and the like. There ARE $500 rings out there but I don't think you'll find it with the strategy you're using. Consider also using some stone other than a diamond and maybe even some metal other than gold.

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Yes. Raising the budget to $1000 helps, but my advice is still pretty much the same and for the same reasons. You're pushing the bottom of the price point. That's ok, spend what the budget will allow and this stuff is completely unnecessary, but I would take a different approach.

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Thanks for the input again. Actually, I'm thinking of changing my plans like you suggest, but in the opposite direction.


My GF and I looked at rings and she found one she loved. I baulked at the price and thought I'd find one online that was similar, but that's proven tricky.


She's a petite Japanese girl and the ring that looked best was this (although she wants yellow gold as oppose to this one they had on display):




As you can see it's a o.20ct. and in a delicate, slim setting that I think I'd struggle to find with a big seller like JA.


Therefore, what seems logical is to weigh up the pleasure I'll get by seeing her in a ring she loves and bite the expensive bullet. This is a stretch however, and so if I can save a bit by maybe not getting quite such a good stone I think I can handle that. in a small stone like this maybe that's not too bad an idea anyway.




So I was thinking, rather than going for the VS1, G, EX (they use GIA), that I'd be better advised to ask them to give me a price on a SI1, I, EX.


Does this sound wise?


Am I right to think that this balance of cut above clarity and colour is sensible in my circumstances?


It pains me to spend $1800 on a ring that I know the constituent parts are valued considerably lower than a similar product from an online seller, but unless you guys can point me towards something close to this type of design for cheaper then it seems the best way to go.


Better to spend $1800 on something she loves than $1100 on something she thinks is quite nice, right?!

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This was the other ring I was contemplating from JA




I'd like to put a 0.2 or 0.25 in it, but I'd be worried the 6-prongs would be too much for it.


Seems to be difficult to find a narrow, tapered cathedral, in yellow gold, that would fit the bill - perhaps a bit easier in platinum or white gold.


1.8-2.1mm still seems small, but I think the little amount makes a lot of difference...

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Don't give up on the "online" idea...


Blue Nile has a slim cathedral setting for $350, but it's only available in 14k white or rose gold (or yellow 18k, but it's a painful $710): http://www.bluenile.com/build-your-own-ring/petite-solitiare-ring-18k-yellow-gold_44709?elem=img&track=product


Brian Gavin also has one, with two "secret" diamonds, though it may be too thick for what you want at 2.6 mm (but see below): http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/engagement-rings/solitaire/ashleigh-14k-yellow-gold-5853y14


Enchanted Diamonds also have a slim (2.0 mm) cathedral style at $520, but with double prongs: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/rings/view/double-prong-solitaire-round-SL9-4Y-R


All of this found in a few minutes of search, limiting myself to vendors I know (more or less) personally. I'm sure a lot more is available taking time to search.


On the other questions: yes, I'd say that in a budget constrained situation I/SI1 makes more sense than G/VS1, particularly with a smaller stone. And definitely better to spend a little more but get something that she (and you) will love... provided that the financial stretch does not get you into debt or other difficulties (reallocate some money from your honeymoon budget?)


Finally, one comment on super-slim rings: beware that engagement rings have a tough life; they are worn 24/7 and people are a lot harder on their jewellery than they usually think - we see a lot of out-of-round shanks and pave losses because people want thin and dainty when it's not really suitable for the intended use. One of the reasons why you don't see as many thin rings in yellow gold as you do in white or platinum is also the hardness and resistance of the alloy, which is usually greater for WG or Pt than it is for YG.


And really finally: no need to apologise; all of us on the forum are here to help people!

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Thanks very much Davide - your advice is much appreciated.


I think we'll go out looking again this weekend and see if we can find some rings that are comparible to the two I found at JA and see if either designs might work.


I'd so much rather get a really lovely stone if I can and whilst I wouldn't put myslef in debt, neither of us have significant savings and so we don't want to go spending loads unnecesarily.


I think petite will win the day and so the all yellow gold one from JA allows us to get a 0.25ct diamond, (as oppose to the other one that starts at 0.3ct, suggesting it might be a bit chunkier) and with the tapered finish from 0.21mm to 0.18mm this might be just work great, plus it looks sturdy enough to hopefully not damage too easily.


I guess we can always send it back if it's not right and it might just be perfect. We shall see....


Thanks again

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