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Just Curious, What You Guy Kind Of Estimated Price


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Hi All,


It have been a long time since I posted. I saw this diamond online, they did not list the price.

They said, just call them for detail. I am just curious how much this one will cost?

Any guess?


GIA Report number 1166608689


The Clarity seem to be an I3


I copy and paste there pictures, when it comes to color diamond price, there is no price guide for it.


what price? any guess will be fine. I am just curious.


I am guessing its $800 USD to $1000 since the clarity is I3.


Feel free to guess the value.


Thank you for your time.





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The price guides aren't very useful even for the sorts of stones they include. Far better is to look for comparable offers from competitive sellers. With this sort of thing, the seller is looking to negotiate with you and he wants you to make the first move. That's either because he doesn't actually know or it's just his strategy. Personally I find it annoying but some count it as good fun. $1000 doesn't go very far in fancy colors these days but I don't see any easy I3 comps. Davide will probably chime in when he wakes up and you can always check his site (www.diamondsbylauren.com)

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I am curious how much. I cannot found any comp. for it. Not much out there is Intensive color and purple pink graded.

The clarity is low as well and the carat is 0.83ct, good size.


I think it will be nice, if the diamond industry set up something similar to a stock market and fancy color diamond can be publicly traded like a stock.


Can anyone provide  range how much it will sell for?


My opening bid is $1000... LOL :D

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HI All,


Just came back this afternoon to see my jeweler,


He has a 0.35carat, Very Light Pink GIA Diamond, SI2 for sell.

He was asking for $1,300.00 USD.

I manage to talk him down to $1,000.00 USD, he said he will give me a few days to think it over.


That is the final offer.


Do you guys think its a good deal? or I am over paying for it.


I took a picture of it with my phone.


Please see...

do you think I should get it.?? I am sure I will come across other pink diamond but if the deal is good, I want to get it.


Any suggestion?


Thank you


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