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17,500$ Is The Price Right?


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And does the ring look too yellow???


Measurements 8.02 - 8.04 x 5.02 mm

Carat Weight 2.00 carat

Color Grade I

Clarity Grade SI2

Cut Grade Excellent



Depth 62.6 %

Table 55 %

Crown Angle 35.0°

Crown Height 15.5%

Pavilion Angle 40.8°

Pavilion Depth 43.0%

Star Length 50%

Lower Half 75%

Girdle Thin to Slightly Thick, Faceted, 4.0%

Culet None




Polish Very Good

Symmetry Excellent



Fluorescence None



Clarity Characteristics Crystal, Cloud, Feather, Cavity, Needle, Indented Natural





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Well, the database lists 411 offers for stones GIA/I/SI2/x/2.00-2.05. That's in the top quartile or so. It's certainly within reason, especially if this is a local store but if it's one of the aggressive internet guys it's a bit pricey. Can we assume the lab is GIA?


Is I too yellow? Maybe, maybe not. Have you seen it?




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Local stores have a more expensive business model than the deep discount internet places so it's not surprising that they're closer to the top the bottom. FWIW, most stores would be higher than that. That said, there's value in shopping there so I'm ok with not being at the rock bottom. That's your call.


You can't grade color from a photograph. That would be true even if we were talking about a carefully composed image taken under standardized lighting so the problem isn't even your pictures. It's the nature of the beast. That's just not a question that can be answered without looking at the stone.


Do you see it as yellow? If so, does it bug you? If yes and yes, spike the deal. Ask them to see a G in the same environment and look to see if you've got the same issue. That'll mean either a higher price or a smaller size but the real task at hand is to calibrate your taste. Most people can't see color in a correctly graded I, but most people get no vote here. SOME people can, and yours and your bride's are the only opinions that count.


Again, are we talking about GIA here?

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This is a GIA certified stone. It looks slightly warm to me but not sure if I want to compromise for a higher price. In a store like this .. How much more would a G be vs an I stone

$3000 easy. Maybe more. Unless you offset it with something else. Size maybe? Maybe just pay the higher budget for the peace of mind of knowing you got exactly what you wanted. Edited by denverappraiser
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