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First Diamond Ring - Good Choice?


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Hi guys. I'm new to this topic, so I have a question. Since I live in europe, prices might be different.


So, here is my ring:


Tiffany Setting

Diamond: round



4.89 - 4.92 x 2.94 mm

Color: F

Clarity: vs2

Fluorescence: None

Cut/Polish/Sym: Ex/Ex/Ex


Depth: 59.9%

Table: 60%

Crown Height: 13.5%

Crown Angle: 33.4%

Star length: 57%

Pavilon depth: 43.4%

Pavilion angle: 40.9%

Lower Half Lengh: 75%

Grindle Thickness: med to slt thick

Grindle finish: faceted

Cutlet: None


It's a 60 table, is that still ok?

And is this diamond "good"?



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There's not much to go on here but the specs look just fine.  60% table is fine. 


Yes, European prices are higher than most other places.  In some cases it's by quite a bit.  Part of that has to do with taxes like the VAT, and part is just because of the higher costs for jewelers doing business there (which has a lot to do with taxes)

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Okay, thank you. I read that 60% table can be too big and the stone might look ugly. Thats why I asked for advice. Is there any possibility to virtually draw the diamond? Since the symmetry is excellent, it should be similar to my stone I think. I saw pictures on this forum, thats why I'm asking. 2nd: Is there a Rating calculator or something like that?

I'm really new to this topic... Thank you for helping me.

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There are gem CAD type programs but I"m not sure it'll do you any good and it's neither free or easy to use.  The one I use is DiamCalc from Octonus.com.  


There are also several rating calculators although I don't find them to be very useful and prices range from zero to proprietary things that only work on a particular brand of stone.   Here's a free one called the Holloway Cut Advisor (HCA).  It's worth every penny. 


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May I suggest that instead of trying to draw the diamond you go to a jeweller and look at a few stones with different table sizes? There's really nothing wrong with a 60% table, though I for example like more tables which are significantly smaller and equally out of fashion (think 50-55%).

Here's a free one called the Holloway Cut Advisor (HCA).  It's worth every penny.

:o  :D  :lol:  (where's that ROTFL thingy?)

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